Project Imagin8ion is Ron Howard's way of encourageing us to share our world through pictures. Photographs are a powerful way of looking at the world through the eyes of others. He asked everyone to get involved last year and promised to put together a short film once the winning pictures were chosen. Everyone got on board to share in his vision. The Project Imagin8ion is a success! He did in fact follow through and the brilliant idea turned out to be a great motivator in getting everyone to start snapping away around the globe. Sharing happened with family, friends, and everyone in cyberspace. Take a look at Ron Howard with his thinking cap on.

Ron Howard

Ron's earlier years

Ron and his buddies

"When You Find Me" is the name of the short film he created The story is solid proof that there is power in pictures. each and every moment we capture on film is a part of our life story. Before music, words, or sound (for that matter) were added to build what would come to be known as "When You Find Me" there was only the photos. The film was shot with Canon Cameras and Lenses. Moralistically, it's possible that the short film will mean something different to everyone, but here is how Abornewords sums it up.

As you live your life without apprehension or concern for what other may think, believing in what seems unrealistic may be the very thing that helps you to find meaning in ordinary life occurrences.

Click the star to view Ron Howard's short film and get a look at the original stills