Today, Run Athletics footwear collection consists of various styles and designs. The Legacy collection reflects the underground sneaker culture and can only be found in sneaker boutiques around the world. The Heritage Collection that highlights Black American heritage. The Ashe sneaker inspired by the fearless tennis champion, humanitarian and civil rights activist Arthur Ashe. The ‘68 sneaker inspired by the tumultuous year that brought the civil rights movement to the world stage in Mexico City at the 1968 Olympics.


Confusion can happen easy in the street because of how powerful word of mouth is when ears are open and lips get to flapping. Raise your red flags and alert all your friends who have excused a few rumors. Spreading the word has gotten easier in this day and age, due to new technology. Computers and everything digital has taken over in every part of our daily routine. Sure it makes life easier, but it also increases competitiveness, the likelihood for error, and over-saturation. Everything is at our fingertips (more clearly) available within the click of the mouse. Snap, Snap, everything happens fast and is on the way to our doorstep in no time. Special delivery!


There was some confusion with a blog post on our website and it has since been removed. However, we want to clear everything up by making what we told some of our friends a matter of public record. We do so voluntarily, just so there will be no confusion in the future, and because we really want you and your family to be aware of this wonderful brand. In case you haven't heard, you missed the memo, you've taken a hiatus for a minute, or maybe a long sabbatical, Run Athletics has been around since way back in 2003. It's a family thing with Run Athletics as everyone is involved it seems like. Perhaps, you have seen Runs House the family's MTV Reality Show, it puts your nose all deep into the Simmons' business. Nosy! Yeah, I know, me too. On the show it's easy to see that they are a close knit family.


Joseph Simmons (Rev Run) and his older brother Russell Simmons are the brains behind Run Athletics, and they created a creative platform that encouraged Rev Run's girls to start their own company. Angela Simmons and Vanessa Simmons are fashionista's and an inspiration to young girls and young women everywhere. Their idea to create their company (a branch of Run Athletics) called Pastry launched into something that has gone national. The trendy sneakers became an instant hit with the females, and the playful and tasty names keep their clientele coming back for seconds. Here's an example of a sneaker available from Run Athletics.


Believe me, this family is about their business. As I mentioned earlier, there was some confusion that I needed to clear up. It's official and now it is in print. Run Athletics is not a part of nor is it a parent company of Russell Athletic. People these are two separate entities, so please understand that when we mentioned Russell Simmons in our post it wasn't because we were trying to confuse you in any way. For more information about all the wonderful products, service, and everything else all about Rev Run and the rest of the Simmons Family, See for yourself so that you won't blind to what is happening in Run's world. Oh, and spread the word, but tell them you heard from Abornewords.