The Big Easy (New Orleans) is a city full of talent, so we jumped at the chance to interview Ryan Gorman Sr., an up and coming Rapper that goes by the name of G7. G7's natural desire to achieve is probably the reason he takes his role as CEO so seriously. When asked about the roots of his Rap Career, G7 said that after rapping for eight, it is something that is in his nature. As G7 expressed himself about the ups and downs of being an artist in the business, he described a type of metamorphosis that he experiences every time he comes out of the booth. The thrill he gets from stage performances comes from how the crowd responds to his lyrical style. The New Orleans Rapper says that music changes the world because entertainment has a strong influence on people. On being real, G7 quickly expressed that he knows no other way. Instead of over exercising to relieve stress, G7 finds that rapping helps him to relax. The 27 year old believes that Rapping can change a life.

G7 Rocks the Mic, Snugg Chills, Street Cam Gets The Scoop

On Business 

Named, 24 year old New Orleans Rapper President of his Underdawgs Entertainment Advance Sounds Music. Performances by the sharp Rapper are carried out locally at Club NV's and Babylon. The Rapper says that in the Music Business you have to watch out for the sharks. His angle as far as performances go is to try to get all of his ducks in a row to create some type of local tour that focuses on College Campus Performances with a Stop the Violence Theme. He knows that he will have to grind more and learn more about the music business. Donations for his music and a percentage off club entrance fees is how G7 makes legal money. The Money Talks Rapper says that building a Dynasty is key when you think about growth.

On Influences 

JadaKiss is who G7 identifies with the most because of his ability to share an East Coast, down south, vibe in his lyrical content. The JadaKiss song entitled By My Side is a track that was mentioned during our interview. Young Gunna and Jay-Z are other artist that G7 takes notes from. The Rapper also mentioned that he likes all kinds of music, and has admitted to listening to Kid Bop Music.

On Personal Life 

The fact that he had to grow up early made him respect family more. Something that impresses and surprises many of his female fans is the fact that he loves to cook. Meatballs and Spaghetti is one of his favorite dishes to prepare. Being a person before an artist makes him easy to relate to. G7 posts on his own Twitter Page to stay connected to his fans and wants to amass a following like Master P and Cash Money. The Rapper admitted that the Street Life can be a nightmare sometimes, but is thankful he found Rap. G7 credits the Rap Game for helping him realize that completing what he starts is very important.

On Music 

Nurturing his artist (16 year old Young Stonna and 17 year old Young Drake) is important to him. He wants to see his whole team be successful so he allows his artist to tell their story in their own words. The Rapper said that and does not discourage Gangster Rap, but wants to be known for so much more. Versatility is so important to this young artist, so he says that identifying with artist like Beanie Sigel is second nature. Music in the works will come to us in the form of a mixtape entitled Money Talks volume 1 with special tracks shouting out the city of New Orleans on a bonus cut or a separate project. Everything on the creative side is done independently. For this New Orleans Rapper retiring the mic is not an option.

G7 seems to have a solid plan in place to take his Rap Game to the next level, and is even more observant of the Club Scene. The Rapper said that there is competition going on in the club, but not only between Rappers. Alcohol is having it's own battles mostly between the Vodka's. He named his favorite which is Grey Goose, but says that Ciroc is really trying to take over everything. Grey Goose is the Rappers choice over all and he has attempted to show his dedication to brand by creating a song called Grey Goose. We are in the process of getting the song so you all can hear it, but until then. Decide who you wit. We see great things happening for G7 and we encourage the grind. Go for it G7! The Rapper also wants to remind everyone to thank God for Everything. 

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