There are so many ways females doll up to enhance their look, for an on trend finish. The beautification of the nails on the hands and feet is one cost efficient way to make noticeable changes to your extremities that often involves your own creative spin. It's a way to make a statement without speaking. Clothing and hairstyles can show off personality too, but Nail Art is a simple way to create the type of variety that totally changes the it factor created by an outfit.

Sally Hansen recently sponsored a Nail Art Training Class and the flash class was awesome. The focus was on creative decorative design using base coats, top coats, nail art pens, and a lot of great polishes created by Sally Hansen. The looks ranged from subtle less obvious to bold and flashy combinations that included wild colors and various creative patterns. Sally Hansen's popular Salon Effects real nail polish strips were also included to show a quick and easy option, for on the go lifestyles.

The Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish by Sally Hansen is a polish that has ladies excited because of the wide brush feature that covers more of the nail during a brush stroke. It's one of the great polishes that can be used to achieve looks that will surely make you think differently about how creative you can get with nail art. There were six different techniques covered in the Flash Class Nail Art Training, but we will be focusing mainly on our favorite, the Newspaper Effect. Here are the details provided by Sally Hansen  to help you get the  Newspaper Effect  done right.

___ Apply a Base Coat and let it dry
___ Apply two layers of nail polish ( pinks & grays work best); dry completely
___ Put some rubbing alcohol in a small container... And dip your finger into it for at least 5 seconds
___ Firmly place a small piece of newspaper onto your fingernail, for at least 5 seconds, then peel it off carefully
___  repeat for each finger
___ Finally, apply a top coat

Our love for writing is the reason we have chosen to share the Newspaper Effect technique with you all. Sally Hansen  offers  Nail Art Pens  to help you bring other Nail Art ideas to life. Additional Nail Art Ideas highlighted in the training were striped looks, flower designs, polka dots, and butterflies too. Those are only a few of the looks that can be achieved using Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens. How creative can you get with Nail Art Design? The training is really handy and provides a lot of great information that can be used during customer service interactions.

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