Sam Waterson is the perfect candidate to star in a role on HBO's new series called The Newsroom. Without an actual superhero flying in and out of Lois Lanes life, The Newsroom is the only other place that really needed super man's attention. Sam Waterson is playing a role that cast him as a type of superman, the guy who is head of the networks news division, Charlie Skinner. Episode one covered the politics of news that often gets overlooked. The questions that we dare to ask and receive something other than a politically correct response, played on screen like an interrogation gone wrong. Here is the guy that is sure to draw in his loyal followers. Pictured (L-R) Sam Waterson, Charles Osgood.


Charlie Skinner is the man who believes that he can give The Newsroom a makeover by using his wisdomn to reclaim the intellectual audience that once tuned in for more than a few laughs, mixed with hot topics of the day. The personalities that clash, as the workers interact, on a daily basis, forces them to not only deliver the news but bond as the stories unfold on camera.

There does not seem to be an upside to the series, according to some critics who think that TV news programs are becoming less and less relevant in this new Digital Age.  Personality is what we look for when we are watching our daily news shows. Listening to a reporter who only rambles off the news stories that are important to the shot callers in charge of the networks is what viewers could do without. However, when there are voices,.personalities, good fashion, a new hairdo, or some other attention getters mixed in with a few good demonstrations, we tend to tune in at attention hanging onto every word of what our opinion leaders have to say. The way Sam Waterson's character Charlie Skinner dresses will be attractive to the preppy crowd, as he wears tweeds and a Charles Osgood bow tie. We think Sam Waterson will look great in the J Crew Tweed Jacket and tweed bow tie shown below, and we are expecting to see him in a few bow ties throughout the season because of the Charles Osgood comparison.


Let's hope that his character will find his way away from the seeds of addiction to the boos, and light up The Newsroom by spreading his no nonsense voice amid the cast that is trying so desperately to bring improved news stories to the masses. The show may help to cement the idea in place that the classification of news, no matter how serious, can be funny and create comradery while also alienating segments of an audience who now can seek out news on the internet in this new Digital Age. Still, Sam Waterson big personality will surely get him the same type of attention he received in character playing Jack McCoy on Law & Order, as long as the HBO audience can follow a script that flows from real news stories into what some are calling screwball comedy.Sam Waterson on The Newsroom series is a winner....