This plays out like a scene from the worst horror mive for Agnieszka Radwanska her latest opponent, who lost to Serena Willams this past weekend. Wow, Serena does it again to win in the fianls for her 14th Grand Slam. She never ceases to amaze her fans; using motivation and moves on the court that seem almost impossible is how she manages to keep the hype about her powerhouse plays going. An athletic, superwoman who is seen as strong and capable does not come along everyday. Everyone loves to brag about Serena's skills on the court, but now some member of the media are trying to steer winner talk into questions about Serena's viability to continue her successful career, as she moves into her 30's.

There you have it! The 30 factor is biting a Black Woman for something other than jumping the broom. What do you know? Well, if it isn't the cloud of the non-wed cloud looming over the head of an African American Woman, it has to be something to do with her Professional Career. Go figure, but we have proof that Serena is still as young and strong as ever. Take a look at a few photos of this very fit beauty with the banging body!



For Serena, we dont see her quitting the game anytime soon, but we did come up with a few ideas about what we see in Serena's future as far as careers go. Continue reading to see if you agree with our guesses. Serena has always expressed her passion for fashion, and truly show it by enrolling in Fashion & Design School to learn as much as she could to fuel her creativity. She spent that knowledge into action to create her very own clothing line called Aneras. Haven't figured it our yet? It's her name spelled backwards, how cute. You can get a look and feel for the clothes by checking out one of her sites. Click the star to find out more about her Aneres Designs  There is also an option to order by phone using the contact link.

We see Serena serving as a vital part of the Fashion World, actively working to create new looks for girls and women of all ages. Another possible career path for the Lovely Superstar is something to do with dance. We don't see her as an instructor, but more of an administrative motivator, someone very involved who is taking young girls on trips and encouraging healthy lifestyles and nutritious eating habits. Music is another option for this multi-talented female. We think she will not be a headliner though, she will work at being a scout for new talent and overseeing the career path of the artist, acting more as an manager or agent, possibly helping the artist to connect with brands for promotional purposes. All we know is that the talk is going around in the industry. We gave you our guesses for Serena future here at Abornewords, but we will have to wait and see what happens once Serena does retire her tennis racket. Her clothing line is also offered on HSN. Happy shopping!