Everyone has a way or style to use when getting it good. Down into something deep, and a profound sense of self. You know you do it! Stop trying to play innocent because I brought it up. It's how you dance to your favorite song, or the way you wear your hair on a fist date. That thing about you that you don't mind sharing. Alter ego perhaps? Whatever you want to call it. I bring it up here only because I am privileged to be in the process of getting to know a lot of talent, and the door is opening for new experiences. I've been grooving a little to the songs of:

MILAN, ITALY -........ Shingai Shoniwa attends the Louis Vuitton "The Art Of Fashion" exhibition opening during Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2012.......... in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Venturelli/Getty Images for Louis Vuitton)

The style of a singer, Shingai Shonia (who reminds me of Kelis when she performs her vocals) does this thing sometimes when she performs on stage. What is it? I blush when I think of it. She gets barefoot! I have seen her a few times now and it seems to happen naturally. I didn't notice if she came on stage with bare feet or if she ditched the shoes somewhere in the heat of the moment. Yet, I kid you not, there they were moving about on the stage without cover. The end result is so funny and natural to me.In an interview, she makes it a point to mention "Do you"....do your own thing and that is as real, as it gets. Identifying your comfort zone will help bring out the best in you no matter what your craft is creatively. That very skill is what you have to offer the world. There is value in giving your all. Love comes through, and people can feel it. They usually respond by offering their support in some way. A cheer, kind words, or a product purchase is what you can expect if you are getting it right. Never forget you is a song I really like, and she sings it with soulful passion in her accented tone as the band delivers live sound like crazy. Always remember me she sings, and how could you forget? She's the one that is wearing no shoes.

I'm a straight city girl at heart, so I always associated bare feet with country living (on the kind of) I tend to think of long walks and dirt instead of paved sidewalks and bicycle trails. I lean to the side of bare feet meaning comfort and relaxation though. It's a way to be when it's time to find relief.