Nicole Miller has officially given the word 2012 is a good year for sparkle effects. Sparkling in fashion can be shown in many forms, but it all really boils down to personal choice. Where can the sparkles appear? Let us count the way to show you the twinkle. Collars, belts, buttons, pockets, or sleeves can don the look of the sparkle. Having a glittery shimmer look throughout a fabric may be to much for some, but it really just adds flare. Sparkle or shimmer is not something that will overtake the pattern of a design. The effect receives attention without exaggeration of technique. It's like a tiny crystal effect. The pullover sweater below is a solid color with a shimmery look.

Avenue Knit Scoop Neck Sweater 


Let me alleviate any confusion before it occurs. This is not a Nicole Miller pullover design, but it is just the right style to wear as an oversized garment. Grab some fishnets or some tights and you are ready for casual date night. Careful ladies be sure to choose the right size pullovers for your oversized top. The appropriate way to wear that style (when belted) is below the buttocks for a perfect pulled together look. Here's a look at a pullover that I own in a light green.

Shimmer can help you get your sparkle back in your wardrobe, if you are not afraid of a shining twinkle look. Oversized pullovers are also a way to stay toasty warm when the temperatures are not cold enough for your overcoat. Add some leg warmers and even take it back to the 80's to really change it up. My motto is wear fashion that attracts good energy. Do what feels good. Sparkle.......