A surprising twist that probably has viewers everywhere gaping is the episode when Stevie J walks into the therapy session wearing the I Am God Tee. In Mimi's words "who does that"? We will give you the Abornewords breakdown of why we think Stevie J feels so bold.

His audacity is not surprising if you think about the role that women play in the lives of their men. More than likely you have heard the old saying; behind every good man there is a good woman. Women are great support systems for men and having that support helps to equip men with the tools needed to show swagger and be confident enough to close deals and be successful in business. Black men really need that support and it comes from their partners. The reassuring nudges, trust, and pillow talks help to confirm a mans importance within the family. No, we can't tell you what the pillow talks between Mimi and Stevie J sound like verbatim. However, we can tell you, Mimi trusIDE him. Concentrating on raising her daughter, she did not act clingy and allowed him to make decisions that are good for business. There is always a level of cooperation needed to accomplish things. She even kept her cool when Stevie J brought Joseline into their therapy session. Behavior like this only strengthens Stevie J's confidence level and makes him feel like he has more control.

Mimi Faust has her own way of dealing with Stevie J, but it is obvious that she is a strong woman who knows when to play the back and also when to take charge. She may have a sailor's tongue and a not so library voice at times, but the way she functions in the family is much of the reason for Stevie J's audacity. Mimi Faust is responsible for making him feel like he is the most beautiful person in the world, one worthy of her submission to a point. Now you may be able to understand why he admitted that he will never leave Mimi alone. She makes him feel gorgeous in body and mind, and he is getting what he needs from the relationship. Real women know that it is bout more than what goes on in the bedroom. Go figure! He is God like.