When I saw these I nearly flipped because they are really a remake of a throwback style from yesteryear's. You'll see the item that sent me on the way back in time in just a moment. First, a little sharing and also time for you to get a little anxious about what I will show you momentarily. I will give you a few clues and maybe you'll have an idea about the product I'm planning to show you. This particular style flooded the fashion scene when I was just a teenager. The look is fun and colorful, but it can also be really dangerous if to many of these show up on a dress. Still having trouble figuring it out? Well, I will give you one last clue. Take a look at this picture, and I bet a light bulb will come on in your head.

Downtown Dallas from the Flower Market

That's probably a dead giveaway. I've kept you in suspense long enough, so I will tell you what style I'm referring too, It's the floral style imprint on clothing. Back in the day, Flower Jeans were the fashion item that every teenage girl had to have in her wardrobe. Today, the flower imprint is everywhere! Well, it's obvious that the floral style is back big time judging from the amount of celebrities and locals being seen wearing the style. Dresses, skirts, blouses, and shoes all have the imprint of flowers popping up on them these days. Here is a picture of the watercolor leggings that made me want to flip or at least get so excited until I couldn't help but well up with anticipation wondering how I would tell you all about them. Look at these colorful, cute watercolor leggings.

The colors in these watercolor leggings mesh well together.   Any solid color blouse will help to complete the look. However, if you really want to get your watercolor floral leggings the attention they deserve, a white blouse is the best choice. As far as shoes go, a pair of flats will add comfort and style for all of your long workdays. Not into flats? Try throwing on a pair of Kitten Heels in neutral. Playing up the entire look with a purse in the same color will really make you look polished , clean, and fresh.