The show ended early according to Gwen IFill, but it was not for lack of conversation. Everyone was all in and there are a few new looks adding the mix of personalities which is all good. The payroll taxcut issue kept rising to the top and the reasons for the stall on the Republican and Democrat side were analyed by new comer (for Abornewords) Greg Ip who has an articulation style that makes you want to zone in and pay attention. European Banks and also how their moves on debt security would affect our economy here in the United States surfaced with great importance. I believe, I understand why. To sum ii up, it's more like, the outcome of one affects the outcome of many. This is true even on a global level. However, and I feel sort of a happiness to speak of my account of what was so apparent.

There was a lot of talk about this "white hot light". The term struck me as being very appropriate in it's use to describe what seemed to be popularity or the limelight, spotlight, or any position that will put someone in the all eyes on me category. What I noticed was that no one on the panel was fired up about Newt Gingrich even though the topic of his rise came up a few times. That's important because it shows just how crucial a presidential candidates appeal really is to constituents.

The reason President Obama gained support and won the last election was because of his ability to use his appeal to relate to the people. Appeal is something you can't fake. You either have it or you don't. It's a manifestation of all you are, and it is made of what you feel and how you feel about people. You can't touch it, but you know it's there. It grabs you, and it wont let you go. You have it with you all the time, even on a downward spiral. When the support for President Obama dwindles and there is wailing from those screaming disapproval, he still manages to keep his approval rating on the positive side. Whey have I drawn a positive side conclusion from something that would seem negative at first glance? It's because I always hear a but from members of the media. At times they want to really knead him and claim victory, but they can't do it. That is in large part why he is running unopposed on the Democratic side. Everyone realizes that and the hardest thing inall of this is the search on the Republican side for a viable candidate that has the type of appeal to gain Republican winning numbers in the 2012 election. After hearing the talk around the table, I'm motivated to read more. This has been a political mouthful.  Are you still hungry?To see the panel in action Go Here