The life of a Journalist seems so busy and it can take many turns career wise. Bait for the next story is always at the tip of the nose. That's the way it should be, if you are true to your writing or reporting craft. Newsworthy or not, the people want to know and someone has to be that voice to dish on hot topic occurrences that happen in this day and age. Politics is not dead, and we have not lost the urge to feed your political mind. It's just that we want to give it to you from a different angle is all. Gwen IFill is all about the news. On Washington Week she moderates a panel (from week to week) sharing her political wisdom combined with her Journalist savvy background. The current news stories in television media usually come up during IFill's discussions. Here is IFill away from the round table.

David Chalian, Ernest Wilson and Gwen Ifill

She worked for the New York Times as a White House Correspondent at one point in her career. How exciting right? When Gwen IFill is not around the table dishing and asking questions, she is using her voice to engage crowds around the country. Don't be surprised students, if you see Gwen IFill at your university. She is everywhere, and other professionals are taking notice. Gwen IFill has been awarded more than 20 Honorary Doctorate Degrees.

Now it's time to answer a tough question? Can someone as educated and intelligent as Gwen IFill really relate to any crowd. We say yes here at Abornewords. Let us show you why we believe she can. Here is Gwen IFill throwing up the Roc Sign!

Nicole Wells Foster and Gwen Ifill

Look at the photo carefully. What makes IFill so special is the way she blends with a crowd. Young, middle-aged, and even elderly citizens attach to Gwen IFill like magnets. Catch phrases and witty questions make her personality more interesting; she's brainy and an inspiration to women everywhere. Her personal style is conservative for sure, but she doesn't seem stuffy at all. To top it all off, IFill's facial features always look so youthful and natural. Go Gwen IFill for giving good face all the time.