It seems that there are major issues in the air that concern the allocation of funds. As if that surprises anyone right? Realizing that no one person or side for that matter can solve problems alone (or at least without cooperation) is a start. Presenting a plan or ideas in conference that opens the door to discussion is what will lead to a solution eventually, or a valid attempt to fix something that appears to be broken. Within the political realm it's always about creating a stable workable system that promotes a healthy economy. How? That's a hard one with a million plus answers in the pool, and not one being the only solution to reach any particular objective. That's why when I watch the clip of John Kerry talking ideological divide, I'm thinking isn't that the point. Doesn't it exist and create an atmosphere in favor of political party association? Let the celebration begin and our toasting should be to hammering out the kinks. Once these political ball hogs figure out what they are willing to compromise on, then everyone will sleep much easier.

What is extremely puzzling to me is how no one seems to want to take the bullet. The real deal is that no answer, political policy, or resolution has to last forever. It's only for a time when you include time limits. Policy making becomes easy if you think of it in that way. Then those who are feeling hurt or oppressed even, get a little favor for a time. Sure, while their wiping the sweat from their forehead, there will be others who may start to feel agony and suffer a few losses (taking the bullet). Thank God (and we can) that they will not die from only having the burden of a temporary political wound. The next policy in favor of their agenda will be enough to rearm them and cause the opposing team to fall victim to an equal amount of pain. Government (and policy) should work that way. In fact, its the only way it can! A lot of political leaders need to rethink their strategy, and then maybe they'll be more open to the proposals presented by President Obama and the rest of his team. When I hear Susan Davis saying that the idea of 12 members.....could come together an solve a problem that the broader Congress couldn't solve is flawed, I think (duh) at least their talking and seeking some resolution. Her point is well taken, but what's the point of having a Super Committee if you can't put all those great thinkers together and expect resolution and good ideas to come out of the meeting room. It's always enjoyable and so much fun to hear the panel share news, facts, and opinions. The full show had lots of the juice that charges the political process. From the Super Committee failure to Republican premises, and on to issues like immigration, intelligence, and President Obama, Washington Week gave it to us good. See it all Here or opt for a little less by viewing the Webcast Extra. This has been a political mouthful. Are you still hungry?