There is a creative platform for everyone to shine. Now the political muscle is playing out on Washington Week in favor of Newt Gingrich. Gwen IFill sits around table with Jean Cummings, Joan Biskupic, Lori Montegomery, and Major Garrett. We are always looking to the Washington Week Panelists to indulge in their big personalities, latest news, and broad opinions. Here's more of the Abornewords formulation of the conversation on Washington Week.

Newt Gingrich seems to be extremely confident in the video clip shown during the talk on the full show. Jeanne Cummings believes that Gingrich used a lay low strategy until his opponents completed their 15 minutes in the spotlight. The most important thing for the candidates is to stay alive in the media, especially when it takes big dollars to advertise on television. Herman Cain is getting all he can stand and more! Major Garret has a superhero face and voice, but he is clearly not trying to save the idea that everyone should fall to Gingrich's feet hailing support. The question of whether he will bring something different to Washington is only speculation if you say yes he can. Then, where does that leave Obama? I'll tell you. He still seems to be on track with his goals as he organizes and implements plans to create more trade in Indonesia and the Pacific Regions. It's obvious that he care about American Manufacturers and wants more American goods on the market for sale where there is high demand. Buying and selling is what encourages a healthy economy for all. When people are not afraid to spend money employers can hire more workers and families reap the benefit of financial prosperity, envisioning a brighter future. On Herman Cain, everytime his name is mentioned I feel sorrow for victimized women. Declaration of his innocence will not change that because he is only being tried in public opinion. Victimized women will probably feel a tightening in their core no matter what. Cains world view slip up now seems to have a cult like following as it is mentioned continuously in the media. Let's just say thank God for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Talking a good game is not what Obama is doing, he is showing through action and presence that he wants to be a part of the solution in America and the world.

Talk of the Super Committee and conference calls hosted by the group is what got the attention of the panel. What got my attention as the conversation progressed is the accessories Gwen IFill and Jeanne Cummings were wearing. The discussion on the Supreme Court hearing challenges to the new healthcare law signed into law by President Obama was picked at extensively. The law requires everyone to have health insurance by 2014. Gwen IFill believes that the Supreme Courts decision will be pivotal. Certainly, no matter what the outcome, it will change things for our judicial system and set a precedent. Jean Biskupic dropped some knowledge as she elaborated on the specifics of the various lower level appealette courts that had argued and ruled on the issue of the new healthcare law. Her pink lips spit out all the details that eventually lead up to the Supreme Courts involvement.

Lastly, Gwen IFill called it saugage making and after seeing the new ad being served for the Rick Perry Campaign, I will only say that it is going to take more than an ad to get Perry up to Obama's speed. For political minds and personalities that put ties and pantyhose in the same room to explore hot topics watch the full show here. If visuals and voice are what you don't want to hear read get the transcript here on Monday. Take your pick or go for the Webcast Extra. This has been a political mouthful. Are you still hungry?