I've heard of taking Corporate America by storm, but some information I read recently made me think of moonlighting in a whole different way. Break down the barriers and limitations you put on yourself because the information that I will share with you today will change your life for the better or at least provide some entertainment.

How does that old saying go? I think I remember the phrase reading something like: Blonde's have more fun. That very saying is ringing true for a woman who is making a name for herself by stuffing her face with lots of good food. She's a part of Planet Greens all you can eat programming and she is in it for good reason. Her goal is to help find the best late night food choices by visiting various cities across the country. Want to see how this fun loving blonde measures up with her cheeks full of food? Professional Eaters here is a look at your competition.

Suzanna "Suzilla" French 

This story inspires me because it puts a great spin on the perceived lifestyle of your traditional Corporate Career Woman who has graduated from Law School. Yes, Suzanne French is a Lawyer, but her night time gig involves getting grimy and full of some of the mouth-watering forbidden foods that we all crave at some point. The Mouth That Roars debuted in late December of last year on Planet Green, a division of Discovery Communications. The show seems very entertaining and it encourage every career woman to think outside of the box when it comes to career opportunities. It's all about following your passion and doing what you love. We are all very diverse people with different types of talent to offer. Evidently, Suzanne French loves what she is doing because she even has a nickname in the Professional Eaters Community. French likes to be called Suzilla when she's away from her desk job, so try not to forget to address her properly if you happen to see her on the prowl after hours. Here's another picture of this Professional Eater who ranks fourth in the world.

Planet Green is labeled as the go to spot, if you are looking for something new. The website is living up to their mission to provide information on how we can evolve to live a better, brighter, future. Brighthouse Network customers can tune in to channel 162 for Planet Greens television line-up, but you can find out when and where to watch by visiting Planet Greens Channel Finder section, if you are not a Brighthouse subscriber.  

Just a word of warning, please use self control when indulging in your favorite foods.  Suzanne "Suzilla" French looks very fit.  Check her out on YouTube.  There are always limits, use discretion.