There is another Festival coming your way with loads of entertaining features, so we hope you are ready to hear about it. Twelve films are competing for the Sydney Film Prize of 60,000 to be awarded to the winner. That all good, but we don't want to focus on the feature films that are competing for the big money. Instead, our focus will be on the short films that usually are shown before feature films premiere. The festival is another way to experience some of your favorite celebrities. When a movie is shown at the festival it sort of gets it's legs of recognition and a chance to win the big bucks. Here are the dates, totaling 11, leading up to a full round of entertainment.

The films that will be covered on to the festivals end are extensive to say the least. We believe that names or titles have a lot to do with a movies success at the box office. Peeking interest is important and therefore has to begin with the title before getting to the story line. Short films are something like an infomercial , providing information and details about a specific topic. Much like commercials short films often have a comedic twist. We picked 6 of our favorites which only equal about 1/3 of those that will be shown ,starting on today, in Australia. Here are our 6 picks from Sydney.


6 Short Films with great titles :

  • Lack of Evidence
  • Night Shift
  • She Say
  • The Meaning of Style
  • The Perfect Fit
  • Easy Come Easy Go

There are great expectations that attendees will enjoy themselves even more. The Hub seems like it will be the place to be. It was created for use by the Sydney crowd as a hang out or social gathering spot. Conversations, relaxation, and Stargazing will happen from that very spot. A bar will also be set up for convenience. How cool is that? Don't worry about the commute from the Hub to the festivals main strip either. It is short and sweet. Entertainment will follow a scheduled course, offering "5 bands, 9 DJ's, 1 photo exhibition, 5 screenings, 4 performances, and 11 panel discussions. Free consultation with program gurus who are knowledgeable about the business is also a high point of the Sydney Film Festival. Sydney's Days and Nights will be filled with loads of fun. We will have more for you as the days pass by.