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Abornewords Fashion: Stylist Dawn Del Russo Features Sneaker Looks In Fox News Segment

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, April 8, 2017, In : Fashion 

Locally here in good old Melbourne, the 5th Annual French Film Festival kicked off today so I got dressed up in my jeans and slipped into my love and let live blouse and slipped on my Z Sandals and headed out to see what all the fuss was about. It's always fun getting dressed up and since I had not been anywhere since I attended the Trump rally, I was pumped. In the video below, Stylist Dawn Del Russo features some pretty cool looks, giving us lots of ideas on how to pair our favorite sneaker...

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Abornewords Health: Fashion Designer Promotes Safe Sex During Ukraine Fashion Week (Glanceable Content)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, April 19, 2015, In : Health 

Designer Aleksey Zalevskiy promotes safer-sex at Autumn-Winter 2015-16 Ukrainian Fashion Week. (Photo: Business Wire)

Alicia Keys Keep A Child Alive Foundation is one way to create awareness on the importance of safe sex. Now Fashion Designer, Aleksey Zalevskiy is using the catwalk to do the same thing. Using condoms is not only cool but a safe way to prevent the proliferation of disease. Read More Tag you're it!

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Abornewords Music: TI Shows Off A Happier And Comical Side In No Mediocre

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, July 19, 2014, In : Music 

TI came out the gate almost an instant star way back with his Rubberband Man Mentality, signifying that he had lots of money to throw around. How could we forget it right? He's keeping it going too, even with accusations of his rocky relationship with Long time girlfriend Tiny, TI is still focused on the music.

His song called No Mediocre, featuring Iggy Azalea, is all about throwing shade to women who accept anything other than the best or who do not quite measure up to his so called standard...

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Abornewords Summer Fashion: Dawn Del Russo Made A CBS Appearance Sharing The Best Of Summer

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, May 30, 2014, In : Fashion 

Once we say goodbye to the frigid winter weather, it's time to get ready for bright colors, cute dresses, trendy sandals, and a shoe game to match the cool looks of spring that easily transition into summer.

Fashion Stylist Dawn Del Russo is always our go to girl for what's hot and trending in fashion. Here she is with cool looks, hot accessories and all the minutia on how to get our looks right.

Well, as you can see, Dawn Del Russo knows her stuff and she gets around when it comes to televisi...

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Abornewords Fashion: Dawn Del Russo does Fur & Leather With Lesands This Is Ours

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, December 6, 2013, In : Fashion 

Essence Magazine went crazy with fur in their December Issue, listing quite a few items on their Style Hunters Page. Plush Life became an extension of their Party Remix feature for LBD's (little black dresses). A little faux fur scarf was the center of attention. They are warmer and more fashionable than scarves made with other material.

The fur scarf is actually the reason I looked closed at the vest featured on the Style Hunter Page.

The similarities between the Micheal Kors Vest and the...

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Abornewords Fashion: Dawn Del Russo Shows Off Her Gold Shoe Style

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, August 30, 2013, In : Fashion 

Every woman wants to spruce up their look by making a few changes, to wardrobe or style, every once and awhile. The dilemma happens for women when the numerous amount of choices causes indecisiveness. Women use jewelry, hair accessories, leggings, designer tights, hair color changes, bright blouses, and shoes to refresh their look. Take a look a how expert Fashion Stylist Dawn Del Russo does heels in Gold.

You made her do it and we are not sorry. The gold heels takes her all white everyt...

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Abornewords Fashion: Bloomers Are The Flowers Ladies Need

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, July 25, 2013, In : Fashion 
Panties And Slips

First you have to consider what fashion is to you. Then you will be able to determine what your perception is about our latest share. Is fashion just what you wear on the outside? Does fashion include only clothing or does it go deeper?

For us here at Abornewords, it's easy to recognize that fashion goes deeper than what you might see on the outer exterior of ones body. Bloomers are our latest find. We had to share it with you once we spotted these in one of our favorite c...

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Abornewords Fashion: Celebrities, Fashion, Music, Products

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, January 29, 2013, In : Fashion 
Something For Guys

We have been successful at bringing you the latest trends, hot news spins on stories, and the must have products, all the things we believe will change your life or make it more convenient. Your tastebud cravings have also been satisfied, as we took you and your imagination on a whirlwind ride that likely made you merry-go-round dizzy. We turned our obsessions into informative, beneficial content. The made you look factor happened naturally too, and that you did while also...

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Berlin: Day 1

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, In : Fashion 

Leyla Piedayesh - Lala Berlin Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter 2012

Designer Leyla Piedayesh

It's time to see a mixture of international designers for an event that you are very familiar with, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Although, it will not take place in NYC (New York City). The designers of Berlin now have a chance to showcase their talent on the runway. Mercedes Benz wanted to showcase some of the ambitious talent from abroad. The Fashion Show started on January 18th and culminated on Saturday, January 21st. Here are some of the hot looks that graced...

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Super Model Naomi Campbell Does Ruffles In All Black Everything

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, December 8, 2011, In : Fashion 

Ruffles move and dangle while your body is in motion, drawing attention to your every move. With a little effort on your part they catch the eye easy and are an attractive detail that compliments any piece of clothing. The look that rufflesappears more defined when there is less beading or other decorative details dominating a design and competing for attention. Choosing an outfit that contains ruffles is only the first step. Once the choice is made to dress in ruffle, the next trick is to m...

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Tolula Adeyemi brings her Catwalk Style to party with GUCCI

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, December 7, 2011, In : Models 

We love pictures and we love pictures of beautiful people. Time and time again, we have said in so many words, use your fashion choices to make a statement and show off your personality. When you are not speaking your body language and your wardrobe do the talking. Here is a very good shot of Model Tolula Adeyemi attending a Gucci Event looking playful, fun, colorful, and mildly flirty.


LONDON, ENGLAND - ... Model Tolula Adeyemi attends the UK launch of the FIAT 500 by Gucci, a special editi...

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JaKarta Day 6: Looks, Miss Indonesia, and Celebrities

Posted by Nicole K. on Monday, December 5, 2011, In : Fashion 

A few pictures to tease the eye about days gone by on the Jakarta Runway. The wave of Indonesia's fashion forward designers and the crowd of attendees took over for the 6 days we've shown you so far. We shared plenty of what 2012 will bring, so get prepared for a trendy rush. Check out the pictures, clothes, designers, Miss Indonesia 2011, and a few celebrities.


 JAKARTA, INDONESIA - ..... Photographers and cameramen covering ESMOD Jakarta fashion show during Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 at Pac...

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Jakarta Fashion Week: Day 4

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, November 24, 2011, In : Fashion 

Jakarta may have wrapped up everything in 7 days, but the sun is still shining, breezes are still blowing, and the waters are still flowing in and out of one or the other. The fashion of the runway came and went like a flood subsiding after heavy rain, and now in our dry place, we are giving you what we consider to be , some of the hottest looks from Day 4. Here they are:

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - NOVEMBER 15: A model showcases designs by Soko Wiyanto fashion show during Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 a...

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Jakarta Fashion Week Day 2 Fashion AND People

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, November 19, 2011, In : Fashion 

Everything about Jakarta Fashion Week has us in a daze over at Abornewords. We feel so inspired and blessed by these creative people and we are trying to let that inspiration shine through our post. Day 2 of this spectacular event is another snippet of the genius shown throughout the show. If you decide to preview the images, you will see just what I mean in mentioning inspiration and genius. These are some of my favorite looks from day two.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - NOVEMBER 13: A model showc...
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Meet these Indonesian Designers: Jakarta Fashion Week

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, November 18, 2011, In : Fashion 

We promised to bring you the designers! They were in attendance and having lots of fun in the photo ups. Check out what the lens captured in at Jakarta for the premiere of the 2012 collection.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - NOVEMBER 12: Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo officially open Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 at Pacific Place on November 12, 2011 in Jakarta. (Photo by Budi Harianto/Feminagroup)


JAKARTA, INDONESIA - NOVEMBER 12: Opening procession of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 at Pacific Place on November 1...

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