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Abornewords Music: 6 Servings Of Jerk Ribs and A Cooking Special For Kelis

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, February 23, 2014, In : Music 

The Jerk Ribs Video is only part of the rave Kelis has in store for her devoted fans. The buzz trending on Kelis' Food Album is causing Kelis to do everything but Keep It Down. In fact, the Jerk Ribs Video is a side order leading to even more goodies and applauding. Fans will be able to treat themselves to 6 Servings of Jerk Ribs on February 25th. The Pop Star is releasing an EP containing 6 songs dedicated to the Jerk Ribs. Six different versions of the song, including the original will be r...

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Abornewords Music: Kelis Drops Dual Meaning Rumble And British Of Columbia Residents Want More

Posted by Nicole Kim on Tuesday, February 18, 2014, In : Music 

Kelis just released a little something more from her highly anticipated Food Album. Rumble comes after her very musical Jerk Ribs

Rumble is the type of song that will make you recognize that Kelis is ready to fight to reclaim her position as that chic who does music every which way she likes. The Kelis Was Here Album took us on a real ride showing us the type of range we have come to expect from Kelis. Artist creating and performing today are catching onto the style that Kelis has been on. Sh...

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Abornewords Delicious: Kelis Is Ready To Drizzle Us With Sauce In 2014

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, January 6, 2014, In : Delicious 

"We Imagine that her sauce smells like Soul Food"

There is no confusion or change of plans associated with the release of Kelis' Food Album. She is still planning to lace the game with the game with music this April.

We got a taste of what's to come with her Jerk Ribs Release. We are just waiting for more music appetizers to make up the complete music meal, from a more seasoned Kelis.

We are not worried that Kelis won't deliver. Adding up Mommy, wife, Chef, and Songstress can mean only one...

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Abornewords Music: Kelis is Mixing Food & Music with Jerk Ribs

Posted by Nicole K. on Monday, May 6, 2013, In : Music 

The recipe for beautiful music now doesn't only involve two love birds. You and your partner can now include Kelis in on your union and love affair. She is giving us a good song with a lot of melody and punch. Jerk Ribs is what we uncovered, after visiting her newly designed webpage.

I'm loving this song way more than her collaboration with Calvin Harris called Bounce. Jerk Ribs sounds like a modern twist of the 70's Superfly Era.

Lay down Kelis fans and expect to get into the sou...

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Good Morning: Grits & Eggs Pleases Everyone At The Table

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, In : Nutrition 


Food aversions are not unusual. There will always be at least one member of your family who can't seem to wrap their mouth around something everyone else loves. It's true, for the family chef (mama, grandma, poppa, or you yourself) it can be pretty disturbing or even downright insulting for someone to gag at the thought of something you actually slaved over a hot stove to prepare.

The most important thing for you to remember is that the nutritional value of your food choices is what rea...

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