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Abornewords Music: Rapper Ayo PrincezZ Feeling Myself Video And Somebody Else

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, In : Music 

Many have done it but Ayo does it for the hood just like her fans likes it because she is using smart marketing tactics in her song title, style choices and all the way up to the blue streak in her hair. Sure there are other songs entitled Feeling Myself and so many female Artist have followed Lil Kim's style too. That is why I am not surprised Ayo is wearing a Dark Tan Romper and matching her blue streak hair with her outfit which certainly makes me think of Lil Kim's 90's style in today's t...

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Abornewords Music: Jay Z Scheduled To Make A Big Announcement (Live Stream It) "Glanceable Content"

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, March 30, 2015, In : Music 

Belvedere Vodka announced their partnership with "The Highly Anticipated James Bond Film" called Spectre, with a DJ on the turntables and lots hoopla. Now it's Jay Z's turn to make an announcement of his own. We believe it will have something to do with his new Tidal Business Deal, a streaming service.

The 40/40 Clubs Facebook Page is encouraging everyone to tune in to the live stream announcement at 5pm E time. I am assuming the event will stream on You Tube. Until then, here are a few images...

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Abornewords Music: We Love The Music Grind Of The Veterans But Schoolboy Q Deserves Shine Too

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, August 6, 2014, In : Music 

We love that all of our up and coming Artist from New Orleans and elsewhere are doing their things. Except they are not alone in their grind to the top, well known Celebrities are fighting to keep their spot at the top. Like most New Artist they want to be recognized and acknowledged and Schoolboy Q just got singled out in a good way. The Video Music Awards may be just the place for him to win big among his peers in the Music Industry.

He's on their list as an Artist to Watch with his Man Of...

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Abornewords Music: Reba's Keep On Loving You Is Strange

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, December 9, 2013, In : Music 


It's not just television for this red head beauty! Her accented vocals run smoothly over music tracks with country girl ease and we keep loving her classic sound.

We shared the video for Consider Me Gone here on Abornewords sometime ago. Now we want to tell you why you should listen to the rest of the album. One essential line won me over on Consider Me Gone. "If I'm not the one thing you can't stand to lose"....Everyone has been here either through an admonishment(warning) or the act ...

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Abornewords Music: Nice Gunz Acapella Freestyle Video On You Tube

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, October 2, 2013, In : Music 

The excitement is in the air everytime there is talk of a New release, especially coming from Rappers in New Orleans. We are waiting on that Triggerz Got No Heart from Nice Gunz.

It's obvious that mainstream media has their favorites. We do to at Abornewords. That's why we had to call your attention to a Freestyle Nice Gunz released recently. His goal was not only to show off his Rap Flow, he wanted to give his followers something to carry them through, until the mix tape drops on Thanksg...

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Abornewords Music: Black SkinHead Could Be Kanye's Cult Life

Posted by Nicole Kim on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, In : Music 

After hearing Kanye West perform on SNL (Saturday Night Live) it's obvious that he is ready to give all of himself to his new project. Huffington Rost reported recently that the whold album is already finished and since Kanye has been dropping single after single, we believe it's true.

Black Skinhead is sure to become a new favorite for Kanye West Fans. The song does not disappoint! Even though it's coming from a Rap Artist and considered to be a product of the genre, it just sounds like good...

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Essence Music Festival: A New Thing Is Happening To Honor Young Talent

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, June 29, 2012, In : Music 

July 5-8 Three Days Of Entertainment Food And Fun
The countdown is on for one of the biggest events happening in the NO (New Orleans). The Big Easy is the place to be after you celebrate the Independence Day. Let the excitement and fireworks carry you into the Jazz Festival taking place in the heart of the city. The line up of talent is growing as it gets closer to opening day on July 5th.  The list of talent below is only a little taste of what you are in for during the 3 day event. Singl...

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Killa Kay Kash Santana: The Big Easy's New Rap "Gunna"

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, March 11, 2012, In : Music 

There have been many songs created in the Big Easy by talented artist who could have really made major headway on a national level, but because of the unique culture and in part lack of effort on the part of many local artist, the amount of success received was only leveled throughout New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. Artist like Jubilee and TT Tucker are some local artist who worked the Independent to the maximum. Block Party DJ's know how to get it cracking for the hood. Radio stati...

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Prima J is Sincere On Inside Out: Track #7

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, December 23, 2011, In : Music 

It's no time like the present to present some music that is totally expressive of an idea we all are familiar with but one that is often not followed in this world full of eye candy. It's nothing wrong with putting it all out there, as long as you remember what love should be and what it should really mean when you find that one who feels like your other rib in reality, mind, or spirit. Take a listen at Prima J on Inside Out.

Prima J
Track List

  1. Corazón 

  2. Leftovers     

  3. Tam...

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Kate Perry Takes You To Another Planet In Love

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, December 17, 2011, In : Celebrities 

That feeling you have about the love of your life. You know it exist, but for some reason you can't put it into words. Well, take a look at someone who managed to say it loud enough for everyone to hear!

In the song E.T. she verbalizes her feelings and one word keeps vibrating over and over again in my eardrum, alien. That word alone should take your thought process into UFO mode or at least put you on the moon as your heart is focused on the love of your life. Feel the high of life a...

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Shingai Shonia: Never Forget You

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, December 2, 2011, In : Celebrities 

We can't get enough of Shingai Shonia over here at Abornewords and today we want you to marinate on the sweet sounds of this talented singer. Make an investment into your music collection and get something that balances everything out. I told you before that you need to have this soulful music.

Here's the track list: 

 1. Wild Young Hearts
 2. Don't Upset The Rhythm 
 3. Never Forget You 
 4. Saturday Night 
 5. Atticus 
 6. Every Now And Then
 7. 24 Hours 
 8. Beat Of My Heart
 9. Sometimes 

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Shingai Shonia: Barefoot & Singing in Tune with the Noisettes

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, November 27, 2011, In : Celebrities 

Everyone has a way or style to use when getting it good. Down into something deep, and a profound sense of self. You know you do it! Stop trying to play innocent because I brought it up. It's how you dance to your favorite song, or the way you wear your hair on a fist date. That thing about you that you don't mind sharing. Alter ego perhaps? Whatever you want to call it. I bring it up here only because I am privileged to be in the process of getting to know a lot of talent, and the door is op...

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