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Abornewords Celebrities: Stevie J. Shouts Out Nice Gunz Director

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, September 27, 2013, In : Celebrities 

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Abornewords Executive Minds: Geedy P. Is Just What Nice Gunz Needed For Rap Career

Posted by Nicole Kim on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, In : Executive Minds 
Na Knee Na

The business moves associated with making it big in the music game can give you migraine headaches, if you are not willing to put in the work required to establish higher levels of success. You have to be passionate enough to share your talent, you have to be motivated; most of all, you have to have a great support system. People who believe in you add more positive energy into the mix. Gunna (Nice Gunz) jumped around a bit, doing shows and things. Then, somehow, the stars and ...

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Abornewords Music: Nice Gunz Just Released With New Direction And Social Presence

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, September 21, 2013, In : Music 

New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz (Gunna) the spoiled one, is known by so many names until it's just getting to be fun and confusing ATSDT (at the same d**n time). These days he's violating more than the house rules of Mommy Dearest, Vanessa. Gunna's track record for violating Road Rules seems to be extensive enough to land him in the slammer. Check him out on the outside of the cell, inside of the studio where he belongs, sharing something other than a cell block, music.

A jail stint is not ...

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Abornewords Young People: Woe is Mom Gripes From Mommyish

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, September 5, 2013, In : Young People 

Woe is moms are getting lots of attention for doing something that we all may have done at some point of frustration, getting dirt off their shoulders. Yes, the latest for moms with children who still nap or at least youngsters who get cranky and awake from sleep are Facebook Rants, amounting to finger pointing, neckrolling tell offs. Take a look at what I mean and in the words of Tamar Braxton, she did that!

STFU Parents

Mommyish broke the story. If waking the kids can make moms angry enough to turn...

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Abornewords Music: Birthday Love For D-Nice And New Song

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, August 12, 2013, In : Music 

Our excitement for D-Nice (Gunna) may seem to be bias but we don't care! We are just to excited to announce the 22nd Birthday of New Orleans Rapper Gunna. He is doing his thing on his own terms. However, he may be following in the footsteps of Rappers like Jay-Z and Snoop Lion who are called by numerous names. Here he is doing a few crazy poses and throwing up signs.

The Hard Nights Rapper plans to spend his Birthday Cash on Studio Time and another Video Shoot for his song entitled It's Real ...

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Abornewords Music: New Orleans Rappers Gun Smoke and Gunna To Release Rider Video

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, August 3, 2013, In : Music 

It's summer and all the guys are coming out to play. We can't tell you if they are going out of their way to play nice, until we hear the music. Rap beefs get people talking and make for many great DJ battles depending on what Producers are showing up on wax.

There is speculation that New Orleans Super Producer Blaq-N-Mild will be producing some songs for New Orleans Rappers Gun Smoke and D-Nice (Gunna). The two Rappers are proving that going all the way is what they are more than willing to ...

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Abornewords Music: Gunna Channels Soulja Slim Before GI Peachez Dropped The Recognition

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, May 26, 2013, In : Music 

Just as the buzz was building around GI Peachez and the release of her Recogniton, things started to happen that only pumped up the hype even more. Facebook was going crazy, images of the young star were being dropped left and right, then New Orleans Rapper, Gunna did something that was very, very unexpected. He channeled Soulja Slim, by wearing a black bandana. Take a look at Gunna's Soulja Slim look

Gunna is not featured on The Recognition but he is, however, friends with GIP on Facebook....

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Gunna & Yungin: Tonight at Le Roux in New Orleans

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, April 19, 2012, In : Entertainment 

Gunna coming out again tonight to do his thing at a very familiar venue in New Orleans, La, Le Roux. If there is one thing the good folks of New Orleans know how to do is have a good time. Gunna seems to be ready to give it to the crowd yet again as we had the chance to talk with him briefly. He talked about how much energy it takes to perform at your best. Getting rest seemed to be important to him. His real concern was for his fans in the city who expect him to get the hype going at Le ...

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Gunna: New Orleans Rapper Set To Open For The Boss Rick Ross

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, In : Music 

Ready, set, go! It's that time of year again. Yeah buddy! Spring Break happens differently in every city, but the swag of entertainments biggest names changes the game for party seekers who are looking for the thrill of a good time.


Gunna is expected to be headed to M-eye-s-s-eye, crocked letter, crocked letter, eye, humpback, humpback, eye. That spells The Gulf Coast Spring Break Jump Off hosted by 106 & Parks own Rosci. The event is going to be extra special this year. New Orleans Rap...

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Nissan NV200: The Taxi of Tomorrow Is Something Special

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, In : Cars 

Everything happens first in New York, according to the track record of media and internet sources that we follow here at Abornewords. In your world it may be totally different. Your news source for what's hot fresh, and new may be different from ours, but we hope you have not missed the latest form Nissan. The Taxi of Tomorrow is what everyone seems to be talking about! It is likely to debut in 2013 in New York City. Nissan NV200 beat out many of their competitors and was chosen. Here is a ...

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Gunna: The New Orleans Rapper Gets His Grind On

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, April 4, 2012, In : Music 

Gunna started out rapping his verses without a beat, doing whatever he could to get someone to listen to him. Now after grinding for so long, things are starting to turn around for this young upcoming New Orleans Rapper. We were able to get an exclusive telephone interview with Gunna and here is how he responded to our questions. Check out the picture and you will not be able to refuse respecting his mind.

Gunna and a Bridesmaid 

Q. What has changed since you first started?

Gunna: I opened...

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Killa Kay Kash Santana: The Big Easy's New Rap "Gunna"

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, March 11, 2012, In : Music 

There have been many songs created in the Big Easy by talented artist who could have really made major headway on a national level, but because of the unique culture and in part lack of effort on the part of many local artist, the amount of success received was only leveled throughout New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. Artist like Jubilee and TT Tucker are some local artist who worked the Independent to the maximum. Block Party DJ's know how to get it cracking for the hood. Radio stati...

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