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Abornewords Fashion: Guys Can Get It Right Casual With Jeans and A Sweater

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, December 20, 2013, In : Fashion 


Looking fashionable is not always easy during winter. More thought has to go into a guys outfit sometimes. If he wants to make a statement with his attire, he has to work hard to get it right.

With a few clever choices, guys can look on point and trendy too. Jeans and a sweater are two key pieces that always make a guy look new, casual, and fresh. Add in a fresh pair of sneakers and the look is complete.

What key pieces are you wearing this season?

Calling all guys!!! Upload your photos in ...

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Abornewords Fashion: RC Phillips Marks His 21st With Fashion Business Venture

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, November 30, 2013, In : Fashion 

Looking relaxed as he brings in his 21st Birthday, he could have chosen to have a few shots of alcohol. Instead of choosing headshots and a hangover, he decided to mark his Right of Passage to adulthood with something a little more positive. He pursued what he says is his other calling, fashion, creating The Lapel Custom Clothing Brand.

Since he has dedicated so much of his time and effort into staying connected to God, it seems like a natural l progression directly in line with the pulpi...

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Bald Heads Are The New In Thing For Young Men

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, May 31, 2012, In : Celebrities 

The clean cut is the latest style that many young men seem to be sporting these days. There was a time when the bald fade was the #1 requested cut in the barbers chair. Things aremuch more different today. The young men of today are showing off clean heads more than ever. Abornewords has featured number of men who take pride in wearing their smoothie. Take a look at some of the guys who have graced our pages so far.


Cameron Bailey




Samuel L. Jackson

Micheal Jordan

Rev ...

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Gift Ideas: Mom Will Love This Anytime of the Year

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, May 12, 2012, In : Gifts 

We've waited long enough! Now we are ready to give you one of our great gift ideas for mom. Yes, Mother's Day comes every year and we know that you have spoiled mother dearest rotten, but there is one gift that we wnat to suggest that never really goes out of style. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Parents always love to receive pictures from their children because it makes them happy and proud to see a part of them captured in a moement of time. Pictures create memories and ve've tol...

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RC Phillips: Honored As Outstanding Employee On Campus

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, In : Young People 

Brevard Community College is one of the best colleges in Central Florida. Students seeking undergraduate degrees or those who plan to continue on to a four year university have an opportunity to gain knowledge that will prepare them for real life experiences. Their reputation to turn out graduates that are equipped to compete in life and the workforce comes in large part from the thorough curriculum and diversity on campus. Campus life at Brevard Community College encourages success. One of...

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RC Phillips: Different Degrees of A Young Leaders EARLY Years

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, March 22, 2012, In : Young People 

There are things you never forget and those moments in time that you freeze using photos. Memories that mark the history of one or many, right before your eyes. Capturing those moments you never want to lose means so much. Everything so good in one frame. Siince I received so many email request for pictures of my sunshine, I couldn't help but share these of my son.





These are a few pictures that did fortunately survive Hurricane Katrina.  Now I'm happy, and he looks just like ...

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Happy New Year ..............

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, January 1, 2012, In : Celebrations 


There is nothing like the feeling you get when you realize that God has blessed you with a special gift. Something that you can do well, but also a way to escape and find comfort and peace that no one can take away. More than ever this year, I found my voice and shared a lot of the things that mattered in one way or another. There were a lot of first, but mostly just a natural progression of improvements in how we delivered our content as a whole. To end the year, we just pray that e...

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