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Abornewords Music: Nice Gunz Attends Party With Girlfriend Alexis And Plans A Video Release

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, May 2, 2016, In : Music 
Rapper Nice Gunz and His Girlfriend Lexi

Rapper Nice Gunz still finds time to have fun, even though he has a lot on his plate. The Hard Life Rapper continues to work on his Music Career, getting money from work and he is staying out of jail and away from those Dirty Cops, he Raps about. Nice is far from sleep on music, as he is still recording new material and planning to release a video so that we can bring our Summer in right. The Ryda Muzik Team has even been dropping hints via @ItsNiceGu...

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Abornewords Music: BTY Young'N Nominated For NOLA Awards Best New Artist & Best Mixtape 2015 (Vote)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, October 12, 2015, In : Music 
"They all wanna see you whenever you make it; they all wanna come when ya name in the paper"

It's that time of the year again and this is the biggest honor yet for BTY Young'N! Yes, we see you over here at Abornewords and we truly know that Hip-Hop is not dead! It's true,ya heard me, BTY Young'N has been nominated for 2 NOLA Awards. One for Best New Artist and another for Best Mixtape. In honor of the occasion we would like to share his Feed Up Mixtape. Listen, enjoy, comment.

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Abornewords Music: Watch Young'N In The D-Boy Video , Meet The Other Half Of Nice Gunz, And Find Out Who Really Started From The Bottom

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, July 19, 2015, In : Music 

The D-Boy Video came out right after all the drama started between Lexi and New Orleans Rapper BTY Young'N. When the smoke settled, it turned out to be all good in the Ryda Muzik Family. Here is the D-Boy Video ft. Nice Gunz and they are even letting us see BTY Young'N dropping by a Daquari Shop to buy something to sip on. Flashing money and talking that street talk is what this video is about. They are not even trying hard to win fans over because their goal is much bigger. The pull of Ryda ...

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Abornewords Young People: Nice Gunz Arrested, BTY Young'N's Drama With Lexi And Heaven Or Hell

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, May 31, 2015, In : Young People 

Nice Gunz & BTY Young'N  Video shoot for D Boy

Nice Gunz was recently arrested on a gun charge which seems more unfortunate when you consider the face that his Father and Uncle are doing time in Angola. The details surrounding the arrest involved an unregistered pistol with the serial numbers being shaved off. Nice Gunz is a part of the Ryda Muzik Family along with label mates BTY Young'N and Fisher Stylez.

Though the New Orleans Rapper managed to post bail because of his fiances hard work and ...

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Abornewords Music: Artist To Watch Coming Out Of New Orleans And BTY Young'N Just Touched Down (Photo)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, December 18, 2014, In : Celebrations 

We don't care what you call them. We think the are Stars who are certainly embracing their own Celebrity while we look on. We want to bring in the New Year by letting you know that we will continue to be on the look out for what's hot and popping in New Orleans and that means we will checking for all the up and coming Artist who are constantly putting out that good, good music.

Admittedly we are still dazed and amazed by the last song Nice Gunz released called "In The Ghetto" and we also stil...

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Abornewords Music: Nice Gunz In The Ghetto Has Old School Feel Like Too Short's The Ghetto

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, September 4, 2014, In : Music 

Nice Gunz has released a new song with visuals to bring his words to life, promising a video for the new track, in the near future. In song he touches on critical issues plaguing many of our communitites. Violence, Drug Addiction, Police Brutality, hunger, and mortality rates among young people.

Nice Gunz Rapped about Treyvon Martin in his song called Dirty Cops, a song included on his recent Mixtape release entitled Triggerz Got No Heart (available on Datpiff)

On the hook, the New Orleans Ra...

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Abornewords Music: Nice Gunz Imma Keep It Hood Video

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, In : Music 

Measuring the depth of Imma Keep It Hood by its powerful introduction, raises expectations to the height of hood love and community. A sample from his Indictment Time Song plays like a long whistle, echoing through the front courtyard, in the Housing Projects.

The video opens, showing big, old hoses like those you would see in a Carrie Movie, except you are in a totally different atmosphere, Uptown New Orleans. The Chippewa & Eighth Street sign flashes, giving us a glimpse of a Bty Young'N Sup...

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Abornewords Celebrities: Nice Gunz On Video Set For Im Keep It Hood A Song Included On Triggerz Got No Heart

Posted by Nicole Kim on Tuesday, April 15, 2014, In : Celebrities 

Nice Gunz streaked in and slipped us that Triggerz Got No Heart and we have been pumped ever since, here at Abornewords. The realness of the tracks is just what the hood is always looking for. Though, he goes hard on the entire album, the actual realness is not so much in the gang banging or gangster moves he's pulling off. His shine is in the context of the stories he has managed to include in his lyrical flow.

That's what is going to reach the people, what guys relate to _____ even more tha...

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Abornewords New Music: Nice Gunz Releases Cover Art Alluding To Romance

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, March 24, 2014, In : Music 

There are times when women are seeking to be romanced and other times when the gift seems more important. In either instance, women always want to have romance in their lives.

Men will deliver to their eyes apple, once they have mapped out a plan to fulfill their own agenda. Nice Gunz has found a way to fit a romantic edge into Triggerz Got No Heart, starting with his Album Art.

We couldn't help but notice, so let us break it down, shall we? Gold, red, black, and white  makes up his allegiance...

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Abornewords Entertainment: Nice Gunz Releases Video and Attributes Part Of His Creative Direction To Spice 1

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, March 3, 2014, In : Entertainment 

The moment we all have been waiting for is almost here. Nice Gunz is speaking to us in a video. The disappointing thing is that he is not Rapping on some crazy beat. The New Orleans breed Rapper is however, giving us a look inside his creative, talking a bit about the origin of his Rap Name and sharing everything from the number of his Ward to music influences.

He is under the cloth of hood life, as he's looking real relaxed seated on a very comfy looking sofa wearing a RYDA MUZIK Snapback. N...

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Abornewords Music: Ryda Muzik Finally Releases Nice Gunz Tracklist For His Triggerz Got No Heart Mixtape

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, February 16, 2014, In : Music 

Everything coming out of New Orleans is making me so proud right now. Nice Gunz is in that number too. He's been performing at shows and partying with his boys is not making him sleep on his ultimate goal. Releasing hot music detailing the everyday struggles of youth, living in impoverished neighborhoods,with working class parents is his secret weapon to the good life.

Teasing his growing fan base with hints of a video shoots for Ima Keep It Hood and a Mardi Gras Release date is how he keeps t...

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Abornewords Music: BTY Young N's Automatic Or Revolver May Be Wrong Move

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, January 8, 2014, In : Music 

Record Labels and Music Managers follow the beat of their own drum, when it comes to the promotion and direction of their Artist. Depending on the contract, they often have the final say on single choices and sometimes the creativity of the Artist does not match with the ideas of the Manager and the rest of the team.

Once a song/video drops, fans can disagree with the choice too. BTY Young'N has a video called Automatic Or Revolver out right now. It hit You Tube a couple of weeks ago and ha...

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