Have a love for the outdoors and a knack for piles of paperwork? Have I got news for you! It was viewed as a visual feast by some Readers Digest subscribers and going with that concept is easy. It is a sight to behold for sure. If you have ever wanted to remodel to add on that home office you have been dreaming of, you may be more anxious to start the process after you hear about an innovative idea that is being manufactured in the United Kingdom. Take a look at this structure that measures about 10 feet in diameter.

Pod in the woods, Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster, Lancashire, UK

Here it is with the Wing Door opened


It's called a Garden Office Archipod, and no assembly is needed. The value in owning one of these if endless. Let me tell you more! With time and space being so precious in the busy lives of working families, an Archipod can be a creative means of escape from the traditional home office. It's another way to be inspired, at peace, and in the outdoors. Being closer to nature will take on a whole new meaning if you decide to go for the Garden Office Archipod. Some of the benefits and features are:

  • energy efficient workspace
  • comes with power outlets
  • data ports included
  • design welcome natural light
  • modeled for good ventilation
  • save on remodeling in home
  • reduced commute times
  • reduce road congestion
  • DeLorean-esque wing door 

Really, tis seems like such a perfect place to work when you are away form the office. It's marketed as a cost efficient way to save your commuting dollars, but it is also a good way to create variety when it comes to where you explore ideas and do your paperwork. A quiet working area is certainly a good way to brainstorm new ideas. Everyone who works from home should consider adding this wonderful, cost efficient, dome-shaped archipod as an alternative workspace. Get More Details on the Archipod that is right for you.