The power of the pretty, a little goes a long way, and gloss it up for fun at night are all sayings that every woman can identify with in front of their bathroom mirror or vanity table. The tools that we use to make pretty are necessities for every modern day woman who has realized the power of primping and putting on some form of a face. Brand manufacturers are creating new products everyday to keep us raiding the shelves in our local Drugstores or getting stocked up at Deparment Store Counters. Divas and Dorks provided the scoop on the latest go to spot for industry professionals who use make up products everyday. Cosmotologist, photographers, Aesthetic Advisers, Barbers, Makeup Artist, and sales representatives are the professionals who have access to many of your favorite products everyday. If you work in any of these fields, you will probably want to make arrangements to be at The Make Up Show coming to Orlando, Fl or a city near you. Take a look at a few brands that were featured at the New York Event.

Armour Beauty



The event serves as center stage for networking and product purchases for buyers and make up artist who are leader in their fields. The crowd of professionals inside the doors of these spectacular events happening in various cities every year can be as large as 6000 or more! Imagine all of that brainpower and creativity in one space. Your're bound to meet some very interesting people. Forums and Seminars will also be taking place each day. For more information about how you can be a part of this great event, please click the star