All you creators and content providers out there who are doing your thing everyday, serving up your form of what's good and everything on and popping, your opportunity has arrived to reap the rewards due to everyone brave enough to use their words in cyberspace. What do we dare to speak of here at Abornewords? This thing that has the potential to raise hopes and increase the bottom line of content providers is called Twitterich. The Martin Agency launched Twitterich as a social media experiment and is seeking to attain 1 million Twitter Followers, after which, 1million followers will also be rewarded to one randomly chosen follower. It is a favor for a favor, and a great way to encourage everyone to get involved.

The business mined consumer will probably bite and follow Twitterich. However. The skeptics, who could careless about business and lack any type of compassionate attitudes, will probably fail to see the need to help Twittrich reach the 1million mark.

The Martin Agency represents clients like TracFone, Kraft Foods, Hanes, and Pizza Hut. the Advertising Agency has been around since 1965 and is still going strong. If you ever dreamed of being dirty, stinking, filthy rich, you may not get the money right away, but you can get the followers the will help you get there just a little bit faster. Twitterich kudos to all of you who at least try.

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