Lifestyles of the rich and famous may interest you if you are into the glitz and glam of the boomerang lifestyle. The fast lane living and expensive toys are the surface goodies that often make our eyes pop. Who can help but look right? That very lifestyle has many average citizens questioning their decisions in love too. For the stars relationships sometimes end before they have a chance to develop. Saying I do and making it last seems rash if you consider many celebrity marriages that end soon like the latest Kardashian mishap. However, I'm not writing to discuss time frames for ending relationships, I'll just leave that to the parties involved. What I really want to talk about is love and the mentally ill. There's a lot to consider when a parent gives birth to a special needs child. In particular, what care is needed, cost, care providers, and how care will be implemented to meet the needs of the child.

Most of all, as the child grows up, a parent may wonder concerning romantic relationships. You have probably heard the saying, there is someone in the world for everyone. I strongly believe that is very true. How many people are affected by mental illness? Here is some data from who on mental illness. 19 October 2011 -- One in four people develop some kind of mental illness at some point in their lives. WHO's Mental health atlas 2011 examines the extent of mental health needs and services around the world._______ (WHO)

Every parent wants their child in the best situation, my concern is how do you really create balance for the special needs person? One way is to really pray that your child is blessed to meet a partner willing to take on that huge responsibility of being in relationship with a special needs person. A way to ensure that your child is exposed to all types of people is to keep them in "normal" situations throughout their upbringing. I say that with caution because what is normal really? For starters, going to public schools, going to movies, or plays and even playgrounds. Field trips and Birthday parties also encourage positive interaction and a stimulating environment. These are only a few examples, but I think you get the idea. Creating a sense of normalcy for your child is the best gift you can give throughout life. Your child will surely connect with friends and people who may turn out to be lifetime friends or even a mate.

Next for the parent is letting go, and also ensuring that a smooth transition happen once a relationship is set to turn into a marriage. Your young adult has to be ready to take on the role in a relationship. Outings and courtship should take care of that aspect of adjustment though, so there is not much to be concerned with there. The last phrase is considering children. Not a major obstacle unless there is hesitation on the part of one of ther parties in the partnership. With family support, the couple should be capable of maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. Love and the mentally challenged is a heavy subject to think about, but it is worth exploring. The mentally ill need love too.,Inc.