Every year there is a flood of Music Festivals taking place throughout the country, featuring some of the biggest names in the business. Seeing your favorite celebrity sounding off on stage, with a lot of your favorite songs blasting through the speakers, is how most of you will remember your experience. Live, loud, food, drinks, family, and fun! All of those things combined end up being a part of your good time. Likely the experience will be something you share for years to come. There nothing wrong with enjoying a Music Festival.

Although, once you hear more details about The National Book Fair taking place on September 22nd and September 23rd, you may want to add another event to your yearly agenda. The National Mall is where many of you book lovers will be late September, turning pages, getting autographs, and hearing speeches. The 2 day event will play host to some well known authors, all for the love of books. T.C. Boyle, Patricia Cornwell, and poet Nikkey Finney are 3 of 100 writers shceduled to speak at the National Mall. Here is a look at the Author.

Nikkey Finney

A look at the poet of the 3 is who we are eager to tell you about only because poetry is a gateway to music. The power of words are the start of everything creative, even if from a point of organization. Finney, a south Carolina child, entered and grew up during the Civil Rights and Black Arts Movement. Her schooling served as a back drop for what was to come in the form of words later. Higher Education helped Finney to realize how powerful art and history could be. Head Off & Split, (the latest book to hit the market is a book of poetry. The author has 3 others under her belt. Nurturing the minds of students at the University of Kenturcky is how this Professor of English chose to encourage the creative writing of hungry minds. Finney also won the National Book Award for her latest penned project, Heads off & Split.

Finney calls herself a Visual Artist and has even penned poetry that seems to mirror the devastation of Katrina. The visuals really add a little something extra to the poetry. From her fetish withpencils to her extrreme admiration for old school chalkboards Nikkey Finney is someone we all can identify with on some level. Who knew?

Click the star to hear Finney recite one of her poetic creations 

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