Were on that red lipstick kick again because (red is often associated with a high level of hot) we just love to find ways to include the color or a spiffy alternative in our blog post, so that Abornewords Beauty Babes will be informed on the latest. You may not remember but we absolutely love Revlon over here at Abornewords. The Super Lustrous Lipstick is our favorite, and today we bring you an abstract orange color, from our #1 lipstick brand, that is a sweet alternative to the bright or deep reds that you may believe are a bit much. The abstract orange is one of the new Revlon colors that was released a couple of month ago, and I am just now getting a chance to feature it here for all of you red lipstick heads or those of you who are looking for something a little different. Here I am wearing the color.

Me wearing Revlon Abstract Orange


I am a lips and eys girl for sure. That's kind of the bulk of my make-up routine. Ellen Warren gets the credit for putting me on the Abstract Orange color because I was on that Violet Frenzy before I decided to try something new. Whenever I can I like to actually show you a photo of me wearing the products, I recommend. Don't laugh y'all If I sound like a product junkie, but I really do believe that the right product can change your life.

There's a lipstick party that I want to tell you all about. Cool pictures are involved, and the best part about it is that The Beauty Girl Nicole Pearl was in attendance. Who can not appreciate one on one consultation and tips from someone who has an established reputation for helping ladies look and feel their best. Here are some pictures from The Red LIpstick Party.

The Beauty Girl Nicole Pearl


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Once you have the connections this is how you take it to the next level during your busy days before midnight, unless David Letterman happens to call and you are running a little late.