Samuel L. Jackson is never alone in a movie full of action because he is always packing that heat. If he is not fliping off at the mouth in his very charming street voice, he is busting the chops of some thugger hard head who is claiming to be the top dog. Explanations for his dominat personality are often described as rigid, tough, gangster, bad a**, or off-the-cuff. Let him go on in front of the cameras, and he's like a ball of fire on screen. Attracting the attention of fans is easy, when you have the ability to stand out from the crowd. Drawing fans into the storyline is easy for an actor with his long reels of experience. Look how Hollywood awarded Jackson's accomplishments.

Samuel L Jackson

He has a star on the boulevard! Fans will certainly love him in The Samaritan. The film will hit theaters in select markets on Friday May 18th. The movie is Foley's (played by Samuel L. Jackson) diversion away form all of life's noise and back to some normalcy in companionship with Iris (played by Ruth Negga) a love interest, after he regains his freedom from prison.  Foley doesn't want to yell anymore, and he certainly is trying to avoid losing his temper.  All he wants to do is show Iris how much of a man he can really be.  As Foley fights to have the life he always dreamed of, he finds himself faced with choosing between the streets and the woman of his dreams. Reconnecting with a friend form the past who has plans that could lead Foley back down the wrong path is what Foley is struggling to avoid.  Foley's decision in the end may surprise everyone!  Will Foley be able to use his street smarts to avoid getting caught up? Only time will tell, but we sure would like to see if Foley will be able to overcome all the odds stacking up against him.

The movie has already premiered in Canada and the UK. Now, The Samaritan will earn more acclaim in the US Market. The opportunity to see Samuel L. Jackson show his hard exterior and compassionate heart is about to present itself again on film. Yes! We get to enjoy an American Black Actor who is handsome, relatable, and real to the bone.  Can somebody say money?