We believe in the word that says laughter is like a good medicine. Comedians do not have to work here for us to share humor with our readers, so we want to use the words of one of the funniest comedians in the game to show you just how funny he can be. It will surely lighten the seriousness of many intense situations in your own life or at least change the way you feel when things get out of hand. There is also another reason. Watch Katt Williams do Pimp Down as only he could. Now that the mood is lightened and hopefully we got you laughing, let us tell you the other reason why we want to share the "Pimp Down" experience made famous by Katt Williams. Here is the deal, ever since Stevie "J" and Rapper Big Scrappy took their So called dive in the bushes, after coming to blows on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, the "Pimp Down" words of Katt Williams are becoming a go to joke in some neighborhoods among family and friends. We even thought that it was hilarious, especially once Mona Scott Young, the executive producer of Love & Hip-Hop, shared viewer feedback that questioned Stevie J's, interactions with Joseline Hernandez, labeling them as pimpish.

It was unfortunate when the fighting broke out on Love & Hip-Hop between the cast members. Altercations do sometimes happen when disagreements arise and the downside of a verbal fight turns into fist fighting, after a verbal exchange goes wrong. Katt Williams used the words "Pimp Down" when he was in distress and we thought it was far past humorous. Now every time we watch the re-runs of Love & Hip-Hop, it seems more funny than tragic. The drama plays out like a Romantic-Dramody with high points that help us all relate and want more. It just goes to show you that you can get something good out of a bad situation. Stevie "J" may not be "Big Pimpin" like Jay-Z, but he is showing off the type of swagger that some dudes will learn from and even idolize. Spending cheese is involved, and in the words of Stevie "J"getting "that bread" is the ultimate mission, so just keep watching how he moves. It is obvious that he is taking his rat face straight to the bank and Mimi Faust will be depositing checks right along with him, laughing at those who judge her, as her wealth increases. Stupid H**? We think not! Toast anyone? It's feeling like breakfast time.

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