Toyota Motor Corporation does not intend to be left behind of the social trend to attract consumer attention. The company has created a new campaign designed to help place their brand front and center in competition with companies like Fiat and Audi (among others) who have big plans in motion to be the American chosen fun car, cruising the streets of college campuses cruising the streets of college campuses in a city near you. What exactly is Toyota doing to get a piece of the action? Animation for one, with a mission to go hard enough to be number one! Check out these stills that are said to be the theme of a new company campaign the Toyota team calls Peace Eco Smile (PES).

What The PES Acronym Means


Toyota X Studio PES 1st Series "Love Humanity" Photos

(PES) is suppose to be about love for humanity and the brand own energy's ability to attract the attention of not only American parents but their young children as well. Let's face it Americans do watch a lot of television. Even Rappers like Snoop Doggy Dog still love cartoons and video games. Remember how bad Diggy Rev Run's son wanted that We game when it first came out? The dot's may not be connecting for you just yet, but things will become clearer sooner than you think. Once we thought about how Fiat keeps going above and beyond to gain the trust and loyalty of Americans, it was easy for us to peep Toyota's game plan. Then, we couldn't wait to share it with you. There's nothing wrong with wanting to see everyone flip over your brand imprint. Who knew that the thread of competition ran so deep? The fight for American consumer attention is on big time. Now it's your turn to tell us who you are down with. Comment on Facebook to tell us at Abornewords and you could be the winner of a cool prize.