It is not everyday you find products that actually contain positive images of Black People. Think about it! In a society that often shows so much bias in media portrayal of dark skin people or the Black People in general, it is refreshing when you actual discover African Americans pictured front and center on a brand. The United States like many other countries is a melting pot full of people, in all different sizes and shades. Many times, it becomes so difficult to decipher what group any one person really belongs in. We all identify with different people at different times in our lives. That's what makes us human, and it is also the very thing that makes us feel a sense of belonging. Seeing positive self images of all races and ethinicities is necessary. Take a look at a product we found that absolutely celebrates darker skin tones.

This product is called Ebon Aide and the colorful strips come in 5 different shades. It is very new, even to us here at Abornewords because we have only used the Urban Armour Skin Tone Brand. Urban Armour Band Aides will closely blend with any skin tone. Achieving a perfect match may happen in some instances, but it is really all about the camouflage. Urban Armour Skin Tone Strips work great! There are 3 different shades available. Three different sizes also come in each package, 30 in all. The size I like best are the ones measuring 0.85" (22mm diameter) or more plainly, approximately a quarter size. These are definitely a worthwhile purchase for all Black Families. Every medicine cabinet should have one box on hand.

On the flip side of the Urban Armour Package, there is a picture of a woman posing very modestly. Great product!