How you share your whereabouts and the intimate little details of your life's journey does matter. Doing it in style and leaving a lasting impression is not only portrayed in how you actually spend your leisure time. Photos can capture a lot of those special moments. However, putting your experience into words brings it to life in a whole new way. The imagination gets involved when you choose just the right words, and using postcards is actually Pa good way to combine visuals and words. A postcard is also a common way to briefly share your joy with family and friends. Vanity Fair actually offers a vintage set of postcards that seem very interesting.

All of you who love letter writing, go right ahead and jot down your good times, just try not to shun postcard sharing, and keep an open mind. The challenge of using fewer words, much like the 140 characters used by twitter locals, can be more than enough to get your point across. For example, writing something like, everything about your party was sweet as chocolate cake ____ is brief, but it creates an instant visual. Whether that makes you want a piece of chocolate cake, depends on your own imagination and how you want to share in that moment. Maybe, imagining is enough, but a trip to the bakery or a little party of your own wouldn't be so bad either. The way you share your good times will leave a lasting impression. How will you reflect yours?