High powered on the inside and out, Tina Knowles is what a talented woman committed to family looks like. She's a woman who always seemed so comfortable in her own skin. However, some women are accused Tina Knowles of trying to look like her famous daughter, Beyonce. The accusations started long ago after Tina Knowles decided to reveal that she had undergone some cosmetic procedures.

Mother and daughter resembled more before Tina Knowles prettied up a bit(our way to describe cosmetic procedures). Now, Tina Knowles looks more like Sophia Loren. Take a look and compare the photos!

Tina Knowles - Beyonce Pulse Fragrance Launch

Tina Knowles

Sophia Loren portant une voilette

Sophia Loren

Either way, Tina Knowles has always looked great. There is nothing wrong with getting a little upgrade, if that provides you with a little more confidence. Hey, some of us choose to shop, some to buy make-up, and others just choose to sink in their sorrows. Sinking in your sorrows will not help, and your family and friends will notice the changes in your overall look. Whatever you do, please attend to your appearance and take care of yourself. Tina Knowles  didn't sink in her sorrows. The actions she took after her little rough patch were obvious. She kept living life, and made improvements that worked for her lifestyle.

We are not advising all woman to have cosmetic procedures done to get a boost of confidence. We are only advising everyone to do what's best for them. Tina Knowles got the ball rolling with her look and so can you. Who does she favor more Beyonce or Sophia Loren?