You may not remember that we promised to bring you the scoop in our celebrity feature spot, but we have never posted the follow up. Well our delay is for good reason. At Abornewords words we believe in doing things the right way while respecting the creativity of others. There is value in recognizing that all contributions have real worth, so when we experienced a problem with obtaining the creative resources for use in the follow up post, we had to make some decisions. We could not get the pictures cleared that we intended to use for the comparison post. As a result we will not be bringing you any news on that celebrity look alike . The clues we gave you in the previous post should be a dead give away on just who we were talking about. If not, you must get current on your male celebrity singers. Disappointed? You better not be. We will still bring you more on just where that young man with the big hair was when he got snapped and labeled celebrity look alike. If you happened to forget just how he looked because you are not good with remembering faces, or you just weren't paying attention, here's another look.  Turn on your celebrity radar flashers and peep him again!

There he is and in honor of his big hair we bring you a few of Taliah Waajid's Natural Hair Care Products.


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