Mother's can warn their girls continually about playing rough and getting scuffed up knees and elbows but having fun often rules over the fer of getting grounded for being disobedient and playing tomboy. One thing that drives some mothrs crazy is black knees and elbows. It's something that is frowned on as an unladylike attribute needing attention and certainly not pleasing to the eye. Whether you agree with the perception of how others see those who may have certain scars or marks on jointed locations, the idea of girls looking rough and rugged can turn some heads.

Moms or women who just want to address areas of concern, take a look at an amazing product that may be the answer to your prayers. Rough skin woes begone!

Weleda Skin...

Weleda Skin Food will help restore the soft surfaces of your childs or your elbows/knees. It contains soothing agents like viola, chamomile, and calendula which helps with sensitivity as your rough areas soak up the moisture and become soft once again. Scar tissue will even appear to diminish. Using Weleda Skin Food on my heels takes away the flakiness and restores healthy looking pink coloring to my heels. i absolutely love it. the product is specifically formulated extracts and organic ingredients. It's an all over body product but targeting my heels and saturating them with Weleda Skin Food is where I gain real results. Moms this product will not disappoint you or your girls, so embrace it, love it, and use it to put an end to the rough spots on your body.