Unbreakable Unity : A Documentary Means  Quality Time Between Shawn and Nicole       

Shawn Dozes Off with Nicole and Prepares To Travel

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

About halfway into the Bobi Wine Documentary, I nestled near Shawn's armpit and rested my head there.  I woke up with my head in his lap and he had covered me with one of my favorite quilts.  I felt loved and comforted.  It did not take long for me to realize, the TV was watching both of us.  Shawn was snoring.  I sat up, and Shawn opened his eyes.  Out of habit or just a natural reflex, he started feeling for his hat.  Shawn appeared to be just as clueless as I was, and looked at me with a question mark on his face. I assumed he was thinking, how did we get here?  Though neither of us said those words, it was kind of funny.  Shawn spoke first.  I thought we was suppose to be watching the documentary?  Did you see it all?  No, it must have been the drinks.  The last scene I remember was seeing a military man enter through the door.  Babe, maybe I really needed a nap after all, I said feeling rested and hoping I would not be up all night.  Last I knew, we were almost an hour into it.  No worries, we can finish watching it before I leave. 

Nicole, you know we have our ritual.  We always try to take a walk through Pineda Crossing before you go out of town.  Shawn and I both love the long walking path, extending through the community.  Yeah, we can get at least a couple of miles in and then come back home.  Sounds good Nicole.  I'll let you choose whether we walk this evening, tonight or in the morning, after we have our coffee.  It's up to you.  Knowing that you are leaving, has me missing you before you ever walk out the door.  When you're gone your absence is too real.  That's why I absorb into my work and try my best to shine.  Doing so, helps me to really share my purpose.  It also gives me a sense of peace.  My thing is, exploring the various ways my creativity and mission mesh.  If my audience  or clients get something out of the work I do, then my job is done.  As long as you are satisfied, that's what is most important Nicole.  Keep pursuing those things, keep growing and enjoy it, and it will never feel like work.  Don't stop; don't ever stop.  You have to keep showing up.  Make the...

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