Hold On To What You Got

When she realized he had peculiar ways that included norms that  she was not use to, leading all the way up to Beastality.  She decided to leave him because she refused to accept such behavior as norm in her own life.  She was not the High Society snobbish type who turned her nose up at those who were not considered Elite, but she thought to much of him to turn a blind eye to such unnatural behavior.  It was down right gross and cruel she thought .  She did not want to see them live and in color, so she planned to vacate the premises at an opportune time.  Laney did not know exactly how Prince would react to her decision to leave, and she did not bother discussing her intentions with him either.  While He seemed to be preoccupied with working on marketing campaigns, she found other ways to keep herself entertained.  There was one thing she had learned over the years, his busiest hours always gave her a chance to squeeze in whatever extra curricular activity she wanted to indulge in.  Lets just say, Laney took full advantage of what she considered to be her privileged status. When Prince was shut in his office for hours on end, never able to make it to bed until the crack of dawn, she took walks, worked out in the home gym, and watched Hulu or Netflix.  The best part of her day was feeling him ease into bed next to her.  She loved the look on his face when she touched his body with her warm hands.  Prince often used bedtime to release the frustration he built up over the course of a hard days work, causing Laney to feel new lover euphoria.  As the memories of their life together flooded in, Laney got real forgetful.  All seemed well and happiness always filled the air, after she opened up to him.  The intimacy they shared between them, blocked out all of the problems that usually swirled through Laney's head about his unnatural lifestyle.  Though leaving is something Laney would revisit, for now the one foot she had out the door would have to wait.  Prince's explosive behavior is something Laney had learned to put up with, after he rear ended her car trying to put the fear of God in her.   The approach Laney used from then on was to be  supportive and there for him in every way she could.  Making sure he believed she was loyal to him and only him was the easy part.  Trying to figure out how she would live without him was the hard part.  Prince was careful not to show his aggressive side and that explosive personality he had to anyone except Laney.  Why she allowed it is something that baffles me. What was odd was the attacks she suffered at the hands of her husband were not the driving force for her planned escape.   That is something I found that sickening.  Both Prince and Laney seemed so damaged.  I did not know if I would be able to keep them together but I decided to give it a good ole college try.  Afterall, I had promised Granny that I would watch over them so while they slept, I tuned on the tubes latest Televangelist Broadcast, sending up a prayer intercession for marriage longevity.  Sooner than later, I would have to trust in the powers of heaven to keep them from breaking up their happy home.       


                                           1 >>>>>>         


The phone conversation is what convinced me I needed all the help I could get, if I was going to succeed in keeping Prince and Laney together.   Danielle is pretty levelheaded about matters of the heart.  That is why, I was surprised she did not come with a long list of  reasons why Laney should not follow through with her plan to exit stage left.  Good listening skills is something you needed while talking to Laney and Danielle had mastered using her open ears very well in conversation.  Laney went on and on, telling Danielle how the free Pilates Class she signed up for would help her to be more loose. and toned.  The lazy days sitting on the sofa eating Patti's Sweet Potato Pies topped with vanilla icecream were over for now.  Her eyes were open and she was even spending more time in the home gym.   I had gotten use to watching Laney do 10 minutes of 20lb free weights to work her latissimus dorsi muscles in her back area, triceps, and biceps.  Ending with her favorite Yoga Pose called Legs Up The Wall  gave her a level of peace, I had only seen on her face after her prayer time.  She took deep breaths while holding the pose. and I heard her tell Prince, doing the pose helped her circulation.  All of which took an extra 10 mintues to complete.  Whatever the case, her health would be well improved with any extra activity.  I was rooting for her once I saw how happy she was lately.  She had a new attitude but would her elation be enough for her to finally want to bare my Grandchildren to grow the family clan.  I'll admit, I imagined her telling Prince she was preggers.  I thought to myself, a baby may be just the trap needed to keep Prince and Laney together for good.  I kept listening to try and get to the bottom of Laney's new attitude.  The conversation got juicy right after Danielle asked Laney why she chose to play the Tender Love Song last night.  I realized how sinister Laney could be, once she answered her bestie.  Laney said, I play Tender Love when he comes to bed to set the mood so that when I am gone, he will miss me and beg for me to come back.  It's like using a music benchmark on him as a guide for future despondent behavior, connected to the emotion of the moment.  I need something to trigger  the memories we have shared over the years.  "Devastated is what I want him to be"said Laney.  She kept talking going into detail about how she felt.  I do not care what I have to do,  I want to bring him to tears girl.  After all, these years I put so much into our relationship, walking away and starting over means, I lose every bit of time energy, sweat and emotion  I have invested into strengthening our bond.  That is why I can not stand the idea of us ending this way.  Selfishly, I need him to feel jilted . All of this is happening as I try to continue to elevate and improve my life.  Then, to know he has a fetish for the beastality lifestyle is to much for me to believe and handle said Laney.                                                        


It was quite sickening and it made me want to question how he got into such things.  I thought to myself, I bet it happened just like it does for non-smokers who start out smoking cigarettes and then move on to marijuana; In this instance, a wild party and a barn fire may have sealed the deal and his loyalty to the lifestyle.  The reasons are something I would not be able to confirm or deny without asking more questions or ease dropping.  What was working in my favor was, Laney could not me so I continued to take in the unflattering details of her predicament.  My emotions would not let me hold back and my throat felt full because I was one of a few people who actually knew how Prince and Laney's love story began.  The skies were clear, the sun was shining and the air felt cooler than usual.  Laney was driving down a service road and right before she crossed the intersection Song Cry began to play on the radio.  Something seeming ike a haze of fog mixed with pixie dust came over her in an instant.  She could not phantom anything and the feelings left behind pulled her into a world of intrigued  and mystery that lead her to research for a book she was working on about Character Development.  >>>>>>>>                                                                                                    



 What would unfold later is what brought them closer.  Laney continued to tell Danielle about the free pilates class she signed up for.  Then, I heard something about  a new man.  Although I was invisible, I could have passed out but I held my posture strong.  What I could not believe was, the plans she now had to leave Prince were now being fueled by her desire to pursue a new man and not the fact that her husband had taken an interest in watching cruel acts of beastality.  Laney said, his name is Shawn and she described him as handsome, vocally symmetric, hypnotic and verbally blessed in his expression.  What made her afraid was the unfamiliar, soothing sounds he made that were calling out to her spirit every time they spoke, making her long for him to prove something to her,  at the hour of their physical connection.  When she hung up the phone, all she thought about was how their introduction had happened, remembering the moment she said, nice to meet you.  The anticipation for their meetup, had Laney anxious and nervous at the same time.  She was could not resist showing her high spirits, when she thought about meeting him for coffee.




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