Lady Dahlia's Rap flow is usually on some fast flow ish so you really have to listen up.  In this Cypher she is on along with some other Female Rappers you may know.  The Raptress have continually put out that good music and there is always something to like amid your list of tracks.  Though this is not the newest, it is still timeless and relevant.  

Butterflies is a great song with songbird Hip-Pop rhythm except this promo for the song is sort of comical to me because I keep thinking that Lady Dahlia looks like she got pushed down by Tyra Banks lol.  Being real, I have to tell you, the title of her new album release is Flavors Still Dripping (available on itunes) so I guess the water is a symbol referring to the title but I am still getting a kick out of this one because of her wardrobe choice.