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Abornewords functions as an alternative medium for all creative minds and uses video, audio, photos,
and blogging techniques while promoting products and services.  It is designed to be informative and 
entertaining while striving to increase the quality of life of those who choose to explore our content.  Our 
mission extends across various fields so that we are more versatile, visible, and available as we learn and 
grow businesses.  Everything included in your everyday lifestyle.  A well rounded experience.


NICOLE K. PHILLIPS was born in New Orleans, La., later relocating to Florida, but still a southern bell 
at heart, ringing with ideas, energy, and creativity.  She loves writing generally.  Songs, poetry, lyrics, 
or stories all mean expression through the use of written language, and she further believes that words 
unify people.  She strives to lead by example and prefers to be called by her creative name Laney Nicole.  
In 2002, After earning an Associate In Arts Degree at Brevard Community College, she began using her 
skills in customer service and sales as she focused more intensely on writing and commentary.  


Creativity and teamwork are more important than money and fame.  We believe in giving 100% all the time so 
that quality is unquestioned when clients receive the finished product.  


We strive to provide high quality writing projects that will go beyond meeting the clients expectations.

We write, write, write, for artist, producers, magazines, newspapers, social websites, brands, press releases, 
and wedding parties (Vows) CONTACT Nicole Kim @ 321-361-9799 or why not just drop us an email here Contact Nicole Kim The Blogger
for any service or advertising inquiries




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