A playlist listing R&B Songs, I have chosen from so many great ones.  However, this list is significant to my life, values, and experiences.  The musicality is there and the lyrics are exactly what I not only need to hear but to say.  These are my picks and there is some bias there but with so much sincerity.  After I heard Executive Producer Geedy P. and 50 Cent sharing some of the songs they listen to before work, I started to think about sharing a list of my own.  This one just came together so quickly so its genuine.  Enjoy and share what you think on the Abornewords Facebook Page or on my personal, community page under my government name, Nicole Kim Phillips.  If you do not have a Tidal Subscription, you will only be able to preview the songs on this playlist.  However, I have added a video of Mary J. Blige's Just Fine for your enjoyment.

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