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Abornewords Audience Of One Masjid Mohiuddin

January 12, 2018
An Audience Of OneAn Audience Of One by Majid Mohiuddin
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Since poetry is a form of expression, I have to respect the idea that someone would not only take time to create an English version of Ghazels but do so in a way to include prayer which is a part of all faiths. Including the Five Daily Prayers in a book of poetry that really speaks to the modesty of women while also being used to express love, worry and pain is something is creative and brilliant. The idea that Audience Of One can be used as a teachable tool to at least highlight the importance of understanding a very essential part of Muslims daily practices makes me appreciate the Authors effort in translation. Get your copy here.

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Time passes so fast and sometimes it moves so fast I get my days mixed up. It seems like only yesterday, I was holding my Son Minister Phillips in my arms and last month, he and his wife Chanelle Phillips, welcomed a new baby girl and Minister Phillips is taking his Daddy Duties very seriously. In the photo below, he is bonding with his Baby Girl Natalie.

Minister Phillips is scoring major points by doing what many Daddy's won't. He is willing to comfort baby when she is cranky and change dirt...

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