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Abornewords Couples: Kwame Gates Wife Birthday Celebration With Kids

April 18, 2018

Kwame Gates and wife Dominique Nantambu

Kwame Gates was photographed with his wife on her birthday looking so Royal. The family dined on some good eats and enjoyed each others company. They all look so happy. This tight knit family is proof, there is no need for large crowds or gifts on your born day. A nice dinner and maybe a good family movie is all that is needed. The picture is shown below.

That's all. Kudos....


Abornewords HME: Leah Vernon Decides To Use Her Voice To Empower Women

April 13, 2018

You may think that calling herself a Muslim Feminist puts her inside of a perfect little box but Leah Vernon is yelling surprise as she accomplishes what she once thought impossible. The Author, Orator, Model or whatever you want to label her as, is taking her message of accepting her body and everything it can do to the masses.

She wrote about accepting her body as is on her Beauty and the Muse Blog where is actually calls herself fat, talking about her rolls and curves in a less typical man...

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Abornewords HME: Brother Ben X World Youth Summit In Kansas City

April 13, 2018

Brother Ben X has started a VLOG and in it he does what Kwame Gates has been doing for a while, talking about strategy, entrepreneurship, separation between religions.

He also talks about how we can destroy self by what we say and what we do. Brother Ben X goes on to preview his new book called Separation or Death. The most beneficial thing he does is talke about how much work goes into being a Blogger, who creates video. It is all a process and work and time goes into it. About 15 minutes in...

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Abornewords HME: Halal Marketing Enterprise Has Issued A Loyalty Code For Book Worms

March 22, 2018

Halal Marketing Enterprise has a similar mission to ours and that included connecting people to the products and services that will enrich their lives and not only help them live better but to feel better too. Currently I am reading a book being offered on HME's Website called The Magnificent Organ and the Author is seeking to connect haddith with the understanding of creating balance between the heart (what we feel) with the brain (what we think) in the belief that because the heart is send...

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