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Abornewords Headlines: Scam Alert Tyler Perry Not Giving Away Anything On Facebook

July 13, 2018
Scam Alert: Tyler Perry not giving away anything on Facebook

After a run that produced popular shows for OWN including "The Haves and The Have Nots" and "Love Thy Neighbor," Perry is embarking on a new venture while still maintaining his ties with OWN. Yes, the writing and Director sensation Tyler Perry is moving on to create for Viacom which means BET Network will be revived with new material that will like keep the Network alive and popping for urban fans. Some say Tyler Perry may be trying to stay connected with the people who helped him rise to fame and that may very well be true but Perry’s focus may be a little less on writing and directing these days since he is dealing with a scandal that reads Scam Alert!

Some is hacking videos and posting scam alert material that appears to be stating that money, houses, cars and more are being given away by the Movie Mogul. Perry has asked everyone to share the above video so I decided to create a permanent record of Tyler Perry sharing words to the wise about the Scam to acquire your personal data. Don’t be fooled by false Facebook Post. The Los Angeles Times also confirmed 3 things:

  • the headquarters for Tyler Perry Studios is located on a former Ft. McPherson Army
  • Perry will produce approximately 90 episodes annually of original drama and comedy series for BET and other Viacom networks
  • Viacom will have exclusive licensing rights on this programming

That’s all. Kudos...

Source: The Los Angeles Times, Click Orlando


Abornewords Music: Nice Gunz Releases New Music and Gangster Sh** Video

July 8, 2018

Nice Gunz releases new music and a video to go along with a song that seems to take him back to his old neighborhood, showing scenes from a corner store that is still flourishing in the area uptown. In the video, he keeps it simple with his lyrics "All I spit is Gangster Sh**, robbin' nigg** bank and sh**, when sh** gets real nigg** kick the door for rank in sh** cleverly reiterating the song name. The song is a real unexpected reveal since Geedy P went live saying that we could expect an EP ...

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Abornewords Fashion: Jeezy Makes A Fashion Statement With His New Tattoos

July 8, 2018

Body Art is really a thing now. So much so, everyone from Celebrities to Athletes to good guys and those who seem to want to rid themselves of a good girl image have jumped on board to get tatted up. Jeezy, friend to Rapper Nice Gunz, recently got a new tattoo and he shared these images on live with his followers.

Tattoos are helping people make fashion statements while changing images everyday. Body Art competitions are also becoming more than a way to show off. Tatting up is a way of life...

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Abornewords Events: Get Free Tickets To See Damon Wayans On Happy Together Set

June 29, 2018

It is no surprise, Damon Wayans Jr. is follwig in the footsteps of his Comedian filled family and he seems to fit in well on Happy Together, a CBS sitcom. Share this if you like what you see.Request your tickets to a taping here. It's perfect if you live in the California area.  That's all.  Kudos...

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Abornewords Fashion: Suits And Ties With Kean Etro

April 5, 2018

Famous Designer Kean Etro reveals that there is a perception of a difference between the fashion style of men in Italy versus that of American Men. He is very candid about how he enters into talks with family concerning business and says believes that the dinner table is the best place to discuss business because of course food is there. Apparently there is a connection between food and fashion and there is food included on some of his designs and this is not surprising since he loves to cook...

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Abornewords Music: Bam Beezo 1st Day Out Raps To Draco Beat From Nice Gunz Song

March 10, 2018

The reason we have so many different Rap Verse Styles being created and Artist like Migos have carved out a space for themselves in the Music Industry is not so much centered around the words or the Artist ability to deliver in a conversational style. Truly a misstep by Migos, since Hip-Hop was built on the ability to not so much tell a story but to be able to communicate ideas and have a conversation on wax. Though the way music is delivered may have changed, Artist like Bam Beezo are still ...

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Abornewords Good News: K. Gates Zon Or Whatever He Is Answering To Is Pictured With Nigerian Basketball Player

March 8, 2018

K. Gates, or whatever he is answering to these days, is was photographed with a Nigerian Basketball Player named Festus Ezeli when all the hoopla of The NBA All Star Games were happening in LA. He seems change his name more often than I can keep up with these days. Thus, I did not even know what to put in the headline of this Blog Post. Last year he was calling himself "The Savior Of New Orleans; in an interview with Tommy Sotomayor, he did not say he was calling himself God but did say the t...

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