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Abornewords Movies: Ice Cube Receives Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame And His Freestyle With Sway

June 23, 2017

Ice Cube started out as just another West Coast Rapper trying to grind and sell records, repping the West Coast, hoping to be heard and recognized by peers and Industry Heavyweights. He made a name for himself as a Rapper and has since achieved so much more. Oddly enough, he turned Hollywood following Rapper Will Smith fame with unmatched success of his own during the transition to making impactful movies. Finding his passion to write and direct in his Friday sequels, he built his fame on the Big Screen writing and directing. Are We There Yet is one of my favorite movies starring Ice along with Actress Nina Long.

The streets are watching and talking as he was recently honored with more recognition and a star on Hollywood Blvd. The West Coast Rapper has not give up his passion for music either. Check out his interview with Sway and his acapella freestyle.

That’s all. Kudos…


Abornewords Music: Nice Gunz Triggerz Got No Heart 2 Artwork And His Breakup With Lexi (Jail)

June 23, 2017

Photo Credit: Instagram

The most recent update on the Young Rapper Nice Gunz is unfortunately not favorable as far as his love life goes. The New Orleans Rapper has split from long time girlfriend Lexi and has since been rebounding, bouncing from two night stands to relationships and back again. While his love life is spinning out of control, the 11 Ward Rapper is finding time to release freestyles and is also verbally speaking on his troubles with paying rent as he puts in work on his latest...

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Abornewords Music: Check Out The New Trailer For Bad Boy Documentary From Diddy

May 26, 2017

The West Coast-East Coast beef may have ended after Biggie and Tupac's untimely deaths but the competition between Rappers and Artist from both sides will live on forever. With the Tupac Movie due in theaters on June 16th, Diddy's release of The Bad Boy Documentary seems all too strategic. Both promos really have me excited and the timing is perfect. Watch the Tupac promo below.

Demetris Ship Jr. plays the late Tupac Shakur in the All Eyez On Me Movie which is named after a single included on ...

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Abornewords Music: Street Dreamz Muzik Releases Nice Gunz I'm A Fool Video

May 24, 2017

New upcoming Rap Artist have to put in work to be noticed, especially when there is so many talented creatives trying to make a name for themselves. New Orleans Artist Nice Gunz is putting in work just like he did when he released his debut mixtape called Triggerz Go No heart I. His Lil Boosie Tribute Song called Feel Like Boosie made his first debut Mixtape sound Dollar Bill Fresh. That's when I knew that Nice Gunz was really all in for competing in the Rap Game. Being inspired and paying ho...

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Abornewords Music: New Orleans Rapper BTY Young'N Gone To Soon

April 30, 2017

New Orleans Rapper BTY Young' N is no longer with us. The D Boy Rapper is was apparently gunned down in New Orleans at a Shell Gas Station. Rappers from all over the city have been posting pictures and video to Social Media since early morning hours, paying tribute to him for his contributions to the Rap Game. Geedy P managed the BTY Young'N for a short time during which time he made numerous videos with Rapper Nice Gunz. D-Boy is the only video I have seen as of late featuring both Rappers s...

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Abornewords Good News: Jay Z Kalief Browder Was A Prophet Is Being Proliferated On Huff Post Spoken Edition

April 11, 2017

Photo Credit: Apple

If you ever wanted proof on how famous Jay Z is, hear it for yourself! How you ask? Well, Professional Voice Artist are narrating news from the Brooklyn Rapper. You would have to be living under a rock or totally out of touch with Pop Culture to miss the news and headlines about Jay Z calling Kalief Browder a Prophet. Read with your ears and listen to The Podcast from a Huff Post Black Voices Spoken Edition in iTunes. The Podcast which segued from Kalief Browder's untimely ...

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Abornewords Music: The Real K. Gates Changes His Name, Freestyles and Promotes The Trainerz

March 23, 2017

To start we will call him by the familiar name of K. Gates (The Wave) and later I will end telling you his new name. For now though, the focus has to be on a Freestyle that really took my breath away when I heard it a few weeks ago. Listen for yourself, as Gates introduces some New Orleans Competition.

Many of the participants are RSN which I believe is an acronym for Real Street Nig***. Yes, the N word y'all. After K. Gates did the collaboration with Lil Boosie called Dollar Bill, bragging ab...

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