If there is one thing fans know how to do it is. make Celebrities shine bright like a diamond. Seriously, share how I feel about art as much as I can because it is really a vital part of history and what keeps it alive in our minds. When I share my love of artwork I always end up sharing how much I loved taking Humanities L and LL in college becuause it is where I kind of picked p wha I kknow about

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It was all about the Carters after Beyonce was honored with an Humanitarian Award, her first and then it was on for bidding on the Artwork for Daughter Blue Ivy who seemed to be having fun participating in the Auction.  As Star Jones explained, acquiring Artwork is a topic that Jay-Z believes is important and how could wifey not be on board with his thought process too.   Blue Ivy helped the family take home some deconstructed law books from Indiana and some medical books from California, according ABC News.