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Abornewords Contributor Creates Page Of Rememberance For Kintad Phillips

November 18, 2020

There is so much out there and we want to make sure you are never, ever forgotten! That is why we decided to create this page of rememberance in your honor because we know how much you wanted people to know the real Kintad. Kintad pass the gossip and headlines and that is why we decided to share your password protected page with the masses. It includes images from your early years and some from the latter. A couple of the new images will bring back found memories to former classmates, family and friend and your birthday is as good a time as ever. We are sure you are having a happy heavenly birthday. As your Big Sister, I just want to say, I love you and miss you. You will continue to be remembered and known just like you wanted to be.

I've created a Memorial Page of Rememberance for my Brother
Kintad Phillips You can view the page by visiting Remembering Kintad Phillips with peace and love It's password protected. Username is: loginnow
Password is: MyBrother1
*The page may change as new updates arrive via text or email. Feel free to text me any kind words you want included at 321-361-9799. I encourage you to check this page for updates.

Abornewords Executive Minds: Increasing Convenience With Automation

November 9, 2020

Currently, I am concentrating my attention on what I am learning in my role in Customer Service; specifically an Introduction to Automation Course is helping me to understand the evolution the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Internet Technology Process Automation (ITPA) and how the two unify, working together take us away from the old ways of doing things during our day to day operations, on to new digital ways of getting task/services completed or issues reported if a system malfunction...

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Abornewords Executive Minds: Taking What You Do To The Next Level In Customer Service

July 2, 2020

Social Media populariezed in the era we are living in and much has changed in the way we consume and share content. No longer are we limited by the confines of TV Commercials or Celebrities. In fact, thanks to You Tube, we can create our own advertisements, promotions and creative shares that not only share our expertise but connect us to those outside of our own circle. While working as a Customer Service Professional, I read about American Spirit changing the language on their packaging to...

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Abornewords Executive Minds: Entrepreneurs Elevator Pitch Season 5 Episode 1

April 2, 2020

Doing business requires direction. It's the reason a business plan is necessary. Understanding where you are and what goals you have is essential. I am proud to say, I have written a business plan. It helped me to be tedious about what I was doing and to set goals, creating vision for where I am headed in the future, clearly defining my expectations and what I needed as it relates to materials, equipment and finances. The great thing about having Business Plan is, it can be revived to include...

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Love Blossoms Essentials Cherry Almond Body Butter

March 26, 2020

Dry skin can be itchy and it hurts once the skin cracks. During summer months my skin craves just as much moisturization as it does during winter months. It's very difficult for me to find a lotion or moisturizer that my skin will not overly absorb. When this happens, my skin is only moisturized temporarily and then it becomes thirsty again. Recently I expressed how much I like what Amalactin does for my skin. Today I'm all into a new product I discovered called Love Blossoms. It's a Cherry A...

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Abornewords Giveaway: Its Time To Give and Share The Love

January 1, 2019

Sharing is Caring and we certainly care for all of you Abornewords Readers. Those included and excluded who I have buzzed on the most high and promoted as trendy and current. We are offering this giveaway because it is so important for African American Culture. Its a children's book written by Empire Actress Grace Byers called I Am Enough. I learned about this book at my local Public Library. It not only promotes self esteem but unity between races.

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Abornewords Delicious: Here's Why We Think Leah Vernon May Be Reading Weight Watchers

October 31, 2018

A photo of Plus Size Model and Detroit Blogger Leah Vernon guzzling down pizza in bed is floating around the digital space and on Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Surprised? When the photo surfaced, I was too. I also passed on liking it because it looked cheesy, just like the pizza she was consuming y'all.

Leah Vernon considers most of what she shares to be art and there may be more to Leah Vernon's Food Porn Image than meets the eye. The accomplished Fashionista who is mak...

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Triggerz Got No Heart is the Debut Release of New Orleans Artist Nice Gunz featuring Rapper BTY Young'N and a tribute song called Feel Like Boosie.  This release gives fans of that New Orleans sound a chance to experience true hood word play and the creative expression of a real Uptown Dude who grew up in the inner city of New Orleans and found a way to express his real life issues while putting fans up on that real.  It's what's still hot and always relevent.  It's ten songs of that banger music!