The Last Train To Key West Review

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

The experience of gazing upon someone and knowing there is chemistry brewing is a real turn on.  Reading a Book Club Selection entitled: "The Last Train To Key West" connected me to the emotions of such chemistry, shared between characters, as Chanel Cleeton skillfully introduced class, history, and love among class opposites, in and out of wedlock, amid the onset and tragedy of a raging, destructive hurricane.  To explore relationships on this level while connecting lower, middle, and elite classes in story, made for a great read.  Not only because of chemistry alone, it was like flirting, teasing and communication happened at just the right moments, leading to foreplay that left me eager for what finally takes place in the bedroom. 

The books appeal is apparent in its grown up tone, as intimacy is shared.  For example, chemistry, lust, burning desire, passion nor near death experiences, do not make anyone feel the need to rush to bed and satisfy sexual urges.  There is a steady pace to this story, leading up to the moments when these men and women decide to go all the way.  I was moved and felt the emotion associated with the experience.  These characters support and help each other, and they seem to know what they want.  You will likely laugh as I did, as a hopeless flirt gets ignored for a while.  Are you up for action and mystery?  Then, ready yourself for the American Gangster, who makes the need for a weapon his reality, adding a Bad Boy element to the storyline.  As the story progresses, it becomes easier to understand why Bad Boys do not always finish last, or end up in jail or dead.  Sometimes, gangsters get the perfect wife and family, even if they have to negotiate for an ideal situation.   


The Last Train To Key West will likely make you consider: what marriage should be, how it should start, what factors affect healthy relationships to form deal breakers, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  The chapters will unfold, helping these characters find love, family, strength and connection in a Depression, right through a natural disaster, where the tides find them starting fresh.  Even more perfect, readers will get a chance to admire and root for veterans who have served our country.  Finally, if the forementioned details have not convinced you to read for insight, and explore what Chanel Cleeton had carefully weaved together, and used to inform and entertain, maybe you are the type that needs to know: death befalls many of these characters, as they are trying to flee or take refuge from the dangerous weather conditions of the hurricane.  Some meet their end with gunfire.  There is even an undercover Federal Agent, and a runaway bride to be, to tickle your fancy.  Before the shocking ending leaves you wanting more, these characters connect and bond through service, humility, and a desire for a better life.


Author Stories Podcast Episode #908

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