Drink Responsibly While Using    New Crossing The Line Coasters  

Drinking responsibly is not just having enough self
control to resist the urge to have another shot. Medline
Plus uses an encyclopedia to clarify just what
responsible means. Not getting intoxicated and not letting alcohol affect your relationships are both included in the definition, holding equal significance.

Crossing The Line Coasters help add lots of fun to the season, offering a marble construct that is sturdy and durable like a huge heavy paperweight. We reccommend handling these with care as they are heavier than they appear and can be dangerous if mishandled. In other words, do not throw or toss and keep out of the reach of small children.

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**The Sip, Chill, Celebrate Wellness Concept includes a hydration component that encourages you to stay hydrated.  Do so using your new Crossing The Line Coaster