Things Kintad Use to Say

1. Did you handle my business?
2. God gave you everything needed to build up his great kingdom.
3. I now realize God's richness has always been in the mind of the child that holds his own.
4. The Universe is considered dark with all kinds of doorways that open up to other worlds.
5. Stay focused out there and keep praying.
6. Lets build and not stay stuck in position.
7. I love you Father, you have shown me things that I have never thought to think about.
8. Your best chance for growth has finally caught a hold of you.
9. This is the one and only truly enlightened spirit.
10. It is never to late to be converted.  

Kind words from Family and Friends

" you don't have to be here for me to say I love you, I just pray you are smiling when you hear me"

" I did not spend much time with you, but we always had fun together"

" I helped to make things easier and I know you appreciate me for it"

" your death opened my eyes to a lot of things I took for granted"

" may the peace of God nurture and keep your spirit through eternity"

" I love you"

" you are now with those who were loving you from heaven"

" I promise to do better and that means living with purpose"

" I tried to get him to go with me when I was in the military"

" You were always by my side"

 " You get to watch over us from heaven"

" I will always love you bro"

" No more pain"

" Man me and Kin go back to kindergarten"

" Our Moms had a mutual friend Ms. Betty"

" We ran together thick and thin til we moved across town"

" We played basketball together for biddy ball"

" We had a rap group"

" Man we spent countless hours dreaming.....aspiring to be pro basketball players or star rappers"

" We went to our first high school dance together"

" I always called him Kin those other names wasn't us"

" He was smart; he could ball; he could rap; his talents were abundant"

" It was his affinity for the streets that captured his imagination"

" Man I was devastated when my brotha chose his path.... but life uptown was unforgiving"

" Either you ate or be eaten.....there rarely was a middle ground"

" I don't apologize for my brother nor did I condone his actions but me dat was my brother period"

" Good, bad, or indifferent....I just know truly who he was and what he could've achieved"

" We still talked and reminisced.....laughed and every time we hung up there was an empty feeling"

" like dam u life....another planned statistic that society created"

"the rose seed that never sprouted"

" judgement is warranted....but I take solace in knowing man isn't the final judge"

" R.I.P. Kin...I love you Brotha 3 from the corner nothing but net....swish....Will"

" There is no preparing for death, we will continue to push through life and make it mean something"

*may change as new updates come in via text or email  (thanks you all for responding)

*some quotes are from the same contributor