Malibu Rising Book Review

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Malibu Rising is not a book you should read, if your relationship is on the rocks, or you recently experienced a break up.  Summer introduces an opportunity to go into high gear for celebration.  The characters in Malibu Rising are ready to party and party they will...prior to the flames. Before the party and the ashes, life will happen, marriage will connect souls unexpectedly,and surprising breakdowns will make waves in their love stories. Though, you may enjoy reading about how two people found love and managed to maneuver themselves into a luxurious American lifestyle, the pitfalls of failed relationships, breakups, and makeups, may be a bit much to swallow, especially if you are in a lovesick state, so read with caution.  There are reasons to be disgusted with the characters occupying these pages for the bad decisions they make, but their choices will seem natural considering their high profile lifestyles and their sense of entitlement.

Author, Taylor Jenkins Reid successfully portrayed the typical, yet casual, sexual behavior of a person who found and shared his passion gripping a microphone.  His voice attracted many admirers and groupies. Still he found value in matrimony long enough to have 3 children.  There will be some sibling surprises that are unbelievable, but love will win in the end. Sibling love and support create lasting bonds between Brothers and Sisters.  The problems that arise within their love stories goes back to something my Mum always says "Its not what you do, it's how you do it.  

Not valuing relationships enough and the way we treat each other can lead to broken bonds and tragedies that end with negative outcomes.  ASAP Rocky revealed in an interview, he was a sex addict.  It was candid, but also proof that sometimes our lives can spiral out of control, if we are not careful.  Setting boundaries is necessary just like using self control because it can create structure, leading to healthier lifestyles and a greater sense of well-being. Lack of control often results in addiction.  

Malibu Rising has characters that willingly overindulge in the worst ways.  By the time  law enforcement gets involved, it becomes obvious that something has to be done to put some people in check.  Get ready for smart mouths to sound off and cuffs to be applied.

With lack of maturity in handling marital affairs, things fall apart and a Mom is left to pick up the pieces of her life while her children are finding their own passions outside of their Fathers legacy and fame.  Expect to warp into the future and right back into the past with Author Taylor Jenkins Reid, who will take you through proposals and  temptations before an elaborate annual party begins. Falling hard can be painful, unless you land on the right surface.  Steady yourself through the love tumbles and rumbles with these characters, and expect to root for your favorites and to be let down,as they ride the waves and live life.  Like me, you may also appreciate how the family business becomes a major focus point, after the reality of a funeral sets in and success unrealized by former generations is secured. A Model shows leadership, guiding her siblings into adulthood running the business.  Women in business is something to appreciate.  The gradual climb to an ending will seem long overdue.  Patience is what you will need to embrace to enjoy the well written portions of this story which lead to process, love, and new perspectives.  The sibling relationships will warm your heart, especially, if you have Brothers and Sisters.  Still, the Author appears to lose herself while sharing the love story of the parents, and how they either connected or didn't with their children.  There is some grossly used language that is out of place, introducing a level of creep that discourages me from wanting to explore other stories written by Reid, but to each his own.  You will have to judge for yourself. Still, there are many takeaways to appreciate. I hope you can read all of them and resist skipping the pages you do not like before you are done!