Open Mic Poetry Night Performance of Birthday Woman

 In My Own Words

It happened unlike I anticipated, with pieces falling into place to connect me with a well-known and decorated Professor, who has not only written over 30 books but recently released a book entitled: Poem of the Moments, featuring aspiring Poets and Masters of the artform, whose wordplay helped to bring to life theme based poetry.

In the 1st Annual Poetry Open Mic Night, held at the West Melbourne Branch of Brevard County Libraries, I performed through recitation original poetry entitled: Birthday Woman.  The poetic composition was written to represent a milestone in which there is a transition, from being a Birthday Girl, to the stage of, being a Birthday Woman, not only in years but in mindset.  Like gift giving offering a surprise, including an unknown gift, the surprise in Birthday Woman comes in poetic verse within the last line, ending with a touch of humor.  Thus, making it enjoyable and comical, descending from high praise and celebration, presenting the reader/listener with something unexpected, to add appeal and creativity.

    Listen below to Birthday Woman

"Your pleasure is whatever he desires in life"

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